Our country is broadly divided into two major segments of society that function independently. The rich, and the poor. These two categories reflect upon what can be termed as class differences.

One might truly wonder, what distinguishes one class from another?

Perhaps, a pay cheque. Perhaps, lifestyle affordability. And perhaps, the right to education and also the lack of it. 

For as much as education is concerned, harboring merit for the same is not something that can be honed by many. In such cases, the right to get educated comes into play.

Despite these major differences existing so pertinently in our social circles, money plays the biggest role above all. To recognize and realize these differences, there must be an assertion of a middle ground.

For example, upon coming across an expensive carpet, the intricacies of the patterns that come to life will hit home when the same carpets are spun to life by artisans in India’s remotest corners.

But do these artisans and these home-grown artists receive the global recognition that they deserve? Or do the marketers always steal the show instead?

Then how come these creations are sold at such exorbitant prices all around the world?

The differences in class get created due to a consciousness that has seeped its roots into our surroundings.

A judgment of any individual is created based on appearances, communication skills, aristocracy, or more so, the lack of the same.

While we slowly begin to come to terms with these basic pointers that separate the masses from one another, let us understand our role in eradicating the same.

Where the perception of class differences exists so rampantly, the very basic essentiality that gets highlighted is respect for all. 

As our country stands at crossroads where identifying these concerns could also change the future of our nation, the middle ground ought to get established to embolden the youth. And to remove these differences, and pave the way for futuristic development. 

Why does respect towards an individual play such a crucial role? 

Taking the instance of the carpet industries into concern, as we dissect the same thoroughly, we might realize that without the artisans aiding the marketeers, the brand establishment will become irrelevant. 

A marketeer is a businessman and not an artist.

An artist is not a businessman, but a creator. 

Every section of society seemingly depends on the other. Each stratum is gravely engraved against the other. That is how a uniform structure comes into being. The foundation for it is respect for one, and for all.

Where differences in experiences, and job profiles rightfully create a gap in pay, respect can negate the same. 

If a shopkeeper or a chauffeur receives the same amount of respect as an owner of a million-dollar-worth multi-national empire, class differences can slowly begin to fade in hindsight.

Even though a utopian concept such as the one mentioned above may sound strangely impossible to perceive. But it can be understood and also realized through practice, only if one has the heart for it. 

Will India manage to ride the Communist wave?

The above-mentioned question may sound rhetorical at this point. Truth be told, while the streets continue to remain haunted by the specters of the poverty-stricken, skyscrapers will always reflect sunlight against glass ceilings. 

That is the gripping reality that prevails in India. 

But the streets deserve an adequate amount of respect as the skyscrapers do. The streets are where the foundation of the skyscraper gets created. 

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