India’s future in the African countries.

India and Africa have shared great relations since historical times. Whether it was the trading system of medieval times or the struggle against colonial rule in the contemporary world. All these aspects have made both India and Africa traditionally united. 

A similar history between India and African countries has created an unbreakable bond among the people of their respective nations, we all have grown up with quite identical ideologies, and this quality has provided immense opportunities for people to work together on the way to sustainable development. 

The modern-day relationship between India and Africa is driving eminence, today we have excellent trade relations, military ties, etc. 

India assisted Africa very much during the Covid-19 pandemic and India also stands with Africa in almost all big problems. 

Recently, India’s EAM S.Jaishankar said that India will present the problems of Global South countries of Africa at the G20 summit. 

The Future 

India is investing a huge amount of money in African countries, apart from this India also gives massive loans to these countries for development. The reason behind this is to counter China’s increasing dominance in the region and replace it with ours. India is fully aware of how China makes small countries their puppet by burdening them with huge loans, so India offers loans to these countries in exchange for fewer interests and other conditions. 

This practice boosts money circling in the global market and also increases the value of the Indian currency. Besides this, India sometimes gets great rewards for its generous nature, like the Central African Republic granting access for doing tax-free mining in their lands to Indian companies, this will help Indian industries a lot in the future. 

As the world has again started to go bipolar owing to the Russia-Ukraine war, India as always has begun promoting the principles of Non-Alignment which are much appreciated in Africa. This will increase our defense ties with them in the future as the Indian navy will get many ports in African waters and the Indian Air Force will get numerous air bases there. 

The Indo-African relations will also work for progress in the future, we have already seen India taking Cheetahs from Namibia. 


The league of India and Africa is very beneficial not only for both countries but also for the entire world. India can strengthen their role in world politics after establishing a healthy relationship with Africa.

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