Influence of social media on tourism: Strive for sustainability

Influence of social media on tourism: Strive for sustainability

As social media continues to dominate our lives it has a considerable impact on tourism as far as the content produced by influencers is concerned.


  • Broader narrative of tourism
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Moderation of influencer-induced content
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Image Courtesy: Hotelier India

Exploring new places and solo trips have been sufficiently adventurous and delightful for travelers in general. The situation has further pumped up in a post covid world wherein revenge traveling has earned a significant spot.

With the necessary driven existence of social media in our lives we often switch to such platforms for assistance in our ventures. Social media influencers have taken the netizens by storm in almost all aspects of life ranging from food, fashion travel, and lifestyle. Yet, it can be felt that the sanctity of a place and tourism, in general, is losing its essence of joy.

We often take a dig into social media influencers and their content for the pursuit of having a basic premonitory idea of a non-ventured place. This leads us to a variety of content as every creator put in their unique creations forth. However, many of them often fail to respect the sanctity and originality of the place they are visiting.

The least amount of prior knowledge has a lot to influence an individual’s perceived knowledge. Moreover, in the post-pandemic world individuals are adequately skeptical about the places that they are visiting, often altering the narrative of travel and tourism.

People are venturing more on the paths less traveled. Exploring previously unknown places is on the rise. Moreover, the concept of tourism just for pleasure is taking a backseat. Even influencers or content creators are focusing more on sustainable tourism, engaging in local activities that shield the environment. It also aids in portraying the place from a different angle.

Influencers are also quite skeptical about the information that they are sharing with their viewers lest they invite unwanted backlashes. According to TOI reports, a YouTuber named Thousif is selective in lending and sharing information, thus respecting the needs of the customers. Some places are best unventured.

They are not supportive of a large number of people or hikers thus disrupting the natural balance of flora and fauna.

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Image Courtesy: Yo Nature

All these initiatives are a step towards equitable, responsible, and sustainable tourism. It comes with a purpose to serve both nature and human beings and create a harmonious balance between the two.

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