International Women’s Day 2023: Google Doodle honors women

The official website of Google says that this year’s theme for women’s day is the “many ways in which women support women”.

Illustration by artist Alyssa Winas. Image source: Google

Google celebrates International Women’s Day on March 8 through its doodle illustrated by artist Alyssa Winas. The official website of Google says that this year’s theme for women’s day is the “many ways in which women support women”.

Google explained the logic and thinking behind the idea. It says, in the doodle, the illustrated design in each letter of the word ‘GOOGLE’ displays the various areas or fields in which women support and hold up other women across the world. The concept signifies the importance of women in every woman’s life to grow and uplift each other as females in the world. 

A woman who speaks up as a politician on a pedestal, girls as stargazers, a young woman being there for elderly women, mothers feeding their babies, a group of women protesting for a cause, and a female doctor with a female patient are the areas that Google Doodle focused on showing the different circumstances in which women support each other and improve the quality of their lives. 

The objective of the multinational company is to honor the strong and inevitable presence of women in various walks of life. They took a different approach this time by adopting the role of women who hold power and position. Even if women acquire influence, they stand up as a voice for women and their issues which were left unheard. The stereotype of girls only coming together to gossip is broken when it is shown that they come together to learn, explore and educate each other. They put up together to question the authorities and fight for their rights. Women have excelled in caretaking and looked after many people in need. They are mothers who guide and criticize each other to bring out their best versions. Google quotes, “In honor of women across the globe who are supporting each other across all aspects of life- Happy International Women’s Day!”.

The United Nations, this year, came up with the theme “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality” to celebrate International Women’s Day. The thread acknowledges women who, over time, emerged as excellent innovators and employees in the field of technology. The goal is to observe the gender gap in digital space and to uphold the significance of girls’ participation in the subject area of information technology. Gender-based violence carried out using the internet and technology will also be explored. The UN also expressed that compared to 69 per cent of men, only 63 per cent of women were using cyberspace in 2022. The aim is to bring the maximum number of women employees to the jobs connected to STEM areas. 

Illustrator Alyssa Winas on her work

On being asked about her thoughts on designing the doodle, she said as the youngest of three girls, this concept holds a lot of value in her life personally. She has always been supported and led by women around her who came ahead of her.  Her peculiar experience of seeing women close to her struggling to breastfeed in public paved the way to use the illustration of two women feeding their babies in one of the letters. She added that even though one picture cannot capture the idea of womanhood, it will at least give some glimpses of how much courage and strength it takes to live the life of a woman. 

International Women’s Day 2023

International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on March 8 as a prime focus on women’s rights, gender equality, reproductive rights and violence against women. The day recognises the contribution of women in various fields by showing their excellence and capability to stand on their own. 

The theme of this year is “Embrace Equity”, which says that providing equal opportunities is not enough but ensuring the acquisition of resources by every woman despite where they come from brings about the difference. 

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