How Google collect your data?

Google collects your data each and every day. When ever you use the Google hosting application, website, gadgets, or software, at that time your data could be collected, stored, and used by Google by using your network connection. Google’s terms and conditions have detailed information about how your data will be collected and how they’ll use it in the future.

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Google hosts YouTube. YouTube collects what videos you watch on the site. which types of videos you’ll like and see repeatedly. YouTube ads are shown depending on the user’s interest.

Google has access to and has data on your search history, Google Drive, email history, YouTube video history, contact details, etc.

In a web server, cookies are used by the servers for device identification, whether the device is new to this server or already exists.

Is Google allowed to sell your data or not?

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I absolutely don’t know. In Google’s terms and conditions, it says that your data will not be leaked by us in any situation. In the following case, we’ll give you your data. 1. Government will ask for your data in any case; 2. you’ll make your data public; and some other causes

But truly, our data is used by the corporation for its growth and yields. If you search for a jacket on Google, then you’ll get ads for jackets in some other applications like YouTube, Flipkart, Amazon, etc. If anyone can think how it happens, Because they watch you each and every second. People are used for their profits.

Google has as much information about you as anyone else can have, which includes you. Google knows now what you love?, when you’re happy?, who the person is, what you say, and what you think. Using Google’s data, we can change the entire world.

If Google Stop hackers?

Google will not allow hackers to exploit your data. Because Google does the same as hackers, it’s not much like hackers. Hackers sell and manipulate your data for their purposes. Google also uses your data for their business purposes to make more money using you.

Most Google services are free,, but it was the first company in the world. Do you know wh? Because Google cheats itsclients.

None of the technologies are safe, but we can try to reduce the risks. Every technology in the world is hackable.

Keep your data safe!

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