Is the Development of Artificial Intelligence “The worst event in civilization’s history”?

Is the Development of Artificial Intelligence “The worst event in civilization’s history”?

The late Stephen Hawking once said, “The emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) could be the worst event in the history of our civilization unless mankind finds a means to manage its development.

In 2017, Hawking discussed how AI may help reverse environmental harm, erase poverty, and cure disease, with all aspects of society being “changed.”

The future, he acknowledged, was uncertain.

“The biggest development in our civilization’s history could result from the development of successful AI.

Also the worst. We simply are unaware. Thus, we cannot know if AI would indisputably help us, disregard us and push us to the side, or even perhaps harm us, Hawking warned in the address.

“AI could be the worst development in human history unless we learn how to foresee and minimize the inherent threats. The risks it poses include new opportunities for the few to oppress the many or strong autonomous weapons. It might significantly upset our economy.

  • How it helps
  • Autonomous Transportation System
  • Financial Systems and Banks
  • Healthcare or medical science
  • Product Industries and Organisations
  • Professionals working in a dangerous environment
  • Conclusion

How it helps

Knowing the extent of artificial intelligence, you can see how it has impacted every aspect of our daily lives. Presently, this technology is being used by people in many organizations to complete tasks more quickly and accurately. Artificial intelligence technology has given rise to the concept of an error-free world with less labor-intensive processes and quicker outcomes.

The following are some of the fields where artificial intelligence is most prominent:

Autonomous Transportation System

Artificial intelligence-based technology, also known as “self-driving cars,” has enabled the transportation system to automate the operation of vehicles.

The technology allows the car to go through crossroads without hitting other cars. It has significantly contributed to a decrease in accidents. Most often, accidents are related to a number of causes, including the use of drugs and alcohol, driving too fast, and failing to obey traffic signs. These issues can all be minimized by self-driving cars. The Atlantic reports that experts believe self-driving cars might save 29,447 lives each year.

Financial Systems and Banks

Banks are utilizing artificial intelligence in the areas of financial operations, stock investing, managing and organizing statistical data, and finally providing consumers with immediate assistance.

The use of AI will aid in wealth management, risk management, digitization, and fraud detection. 

Healthcare or medical science

The ability of artificial intelligence to diagnose difficult neurological illnesses has altered the course of medical research. Artificial intelligence has ensured that there is twenty-four or seven help for both doctors and patients, from serving as a virtual healthcare assistant to scheduling appointments in hospitals.

Product Industries and Organisations

Manufacturing firms are creating machines that mimic human actions using artificial intelligence. The goal of the production units has been to maintain a steady rate of output while maximizing efficiency and effectiveness. 

Artificial intelligence has enhanced output because it can work continuously without getting tired and because it can perform a variety of functions.

 It has also been used to maintain staff records, extract data that aid in decision-making, and as a result has integrated into the management systems of various sectors.

Artificial intelligence has therefore contributed to better corporate development as well as helping production industry processes finish their responsibilities on schedule.

Professionals working in a dangerous environment

Artificial intelligence has created an ecosystem where it now performs some of the world’s most hazardous occupations, such as defusing explosives. It will also benefit workers or professionals in the future who must endure extreme heat and noise. 

Hence, the use of artificial intelligence has greatly aided in offering humanity safety and protective measures.


Artificial intelligence’s creation and growth have had a significant influence on people. As a result, the coming of the next era of artificial intelligence also contributes to conflict prediction and consequently eradication, as well as establishing effective means of fighting diseases and consequently developing effective preventative measures against them.

 It is anticipated that it will contribute to the fight against poverty, which will be one of the significant roles artificial intelligence will play in the near future.

Artificial intelligence has significantly enhanced and changed people’s lives in a variety of ways, and the world is no longer as it once was. It has been significant in time savings and has improved the automation process.

 Artificial intelligence has undoubtedly significantly impacted and contributed to people’s lives and economies. Currently, it might not be accurate to say that it was the worst incident in our civilization’s history.

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