Sometimes we need to follow some standards for the best result in terms of products, services, and systems. ISO and IEC are two types of standards. In this article, we are going to discuss the ISO and IEC standards, their meaning, and their features of it. Lets gets discuss this in detail.

What does it mean ISO and IEC standards?

ISO means a kind of standard developed by the standardization institute which is known as ISO. IEC standards which are developed by the international electro technical commission is known as IEC. EN standards are generally ISO or IEC standards.

What are the three types of ISO?

As for now, there are three main types of ISO as follow;

  • A standard for a general organizational quality management system which is known as QMS
  • A standard for information security management systems is known as ISMS
  • A standard for an environmental management system is known as EMS.

What is the difference between ISO and EN?

The difference between ISO and EN standards is to follow the European Council’s decision.

What is the main objective of ISO?

An international organization for standardization is an individual and independent nongovernmental organization that is helpful to develop standards including quality, safety, and the efficiency of the product service and the system.

Does the IEC standards mandatory?

Of course not it is standards that are voluntary. It is based on the global consensus and manufacturers.

What is the three major component of ISO?

there are three clauses are important in ISO standards that are scope normative reference and the terms.

How many standards are available in India?

ISO standard is a proof of product or a company that is responsible for the industry’s best practices and management system.

What are the basics of ISO?

It is agreed by the expert. A formula that explains the best way of action. It is about creating a product managing the process and supplying the material standards which cover a wide range of activities.

Final Thoughts:

Subsequently, as far now we have discussed the ISO and ISE standards in detail. Both are different from each other and has its own features too. According to their characteristics and we have seen the information about the standards about ISO and IEC. 

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