Khalistan supporter Amritpal Singh still on the run, reports of his arrest misleading

Khalistan supporter Amritpal Singh still on the run, reports of his arrest misleading

Khalistan sympathiser and Waris Punjab De ( WPD) head are still on the run, the Punjab police mentioned to the press in a statement on the evening of Saturday. On Saturday,  there were some rumours about the arrest of the WPD leader but no official statement regarding the arrest is yet to be made by the Punjab Police or higher government authority.

By- Krishanu Sarma

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                                                              Image: India Today

Khalistan supporter Amritpal Singh is still under the open sky and the search for him is still on. The search operation is conducted by the Punjab police and NIA officials, and sources say he was last seen on Saturday evening at Jalandhar escaping away in a speeding motorcycle. Till this time 78 members of his gang have been arrested, and several others have been detained for police questioning.

“Six to Seven gunmen who are very close to Amritpal have been arrested by the forces”, Kuldeep Singh Chahal Police Commissioner of Jalandhar said in a statement. Amritpal’s right-hand man Daljeet Singh Kalsi, who handles the finances of the organization, has also been arrested from Gurgaon in Haryana.

An experienced team of the state police force, with seven personnel from seven districts, had followed Amritpal’s convoy while he was on his way to Jalandhar on Saturday. The Sikh revolutionist, who claims to be a supporter of Bhindrawale, managed to run away from the police on a motorcycle. There are heavy security arrangements outside his residence in Amritsar as well.

The action on Amritpal and his gang comes after a month after they stormed into a police station with swords and guns to release one of their aides. Six policemen were injured during that clash. After this incident, the Bhagwant Mann government faced massive criticism for the law and order situation in the state.

The radical Sikh person, who is mostly seen surrounded by gunmen, had been openly making controversial statements about declaring secession from India and forming Khalistan. Sources also say Singh maintains close relations with the Pakistani intelligence agency and ISI organization based overseas.

Internet Service Scrapped in Punjab

Internet service has been scrapped in several parts of Punjab as the police search operation against Amritpal Singh continues. Although the internet service initially was suspended for 24 hours from noon Saturday to noon Sunday, at the time of writing this report it has been extended for more than 24 hours throughout the state.

This decision has been taken by the Punjab police after 6 WPD leaders were arrested,  and when their supporters shared those videos on the internet and asked their supporters to come out on the roads in their support. The internet suspension will now continue till Monday noon, to prevent the spread of rumours and misinformation through social media which may affect the operation of the police.

Four aids of Amritpal Singh shifted to Dibrugarh, Assam

According to the latest reports, 4 close aides of the WPD leader are being shifted to Dibrugarh in Assam through a chartered flight, and officials from Punjab police are also accompanying them. After his arrest, Amritpal Singh may also be transferred to Dibrugarh in Assam. Tight security arrangements are being made in Dibrugarh now.

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