Measuring Success For A Non E- Commerce Website: Visitor Royalty,  Visitor Recency,  Length of Visit,  Depth of Visit

E-Commerce success is one the vital parts of any business management because the rapid growth of technology and the population directly put power to the E-Commerce section of the company where people find it easier and more helpful to get all the things from there very easily and it very easy to find all the things from there in a very well mannered and also like to change the things from there very easily.

Now we’ll discuss what are some important metrics which are very important for a successful e-commerce store, so first is the Conversion rate where it is very important to measure the Conversion rate because without a Conversion rate it’s very difficult for the user and an owner to know the benefits of the companies

Second is social media engagement,  as we already discussed previously that in today’s era, everything is going to the end of the social media platform to know the values of the products and the society to make the products more beautiful and easy to buy.

Next is the returns rate, a good returns rate will also put some value on the website and courage buyers to buy more and more products from the company because sometimes it’s very tough for people to buy things in a very weightage the society of country. 

Visitors Royalty: 

 A royalty is an amount paid by a third party to an owner of a product or patent for the use of that product or patent. The terms of royalty payments are laid out in a licensing agreement. Moreover, find the blanket or the Cristina to the products to show the outside of the platform and the British to know the product sizes.

Vision Royalty also matters a lot because it’s easy to understand what a visitor wants in society with lots of hope and cares and the website right to the Royalty of the website design of the companies rights in good company pages.

Visitors Recency 

Visitors Recency is also very very impinge for the growth of the website because it’s the only term which I used to put effort into the growth of the website development Visitors Recency tells us to that how much time a visitor comes and stays on the website in days and lots of to the people website and to know more about the people with the nature and you know website values with the visitors Recency and to know the website positioning of the society remain the visitors to the Recency. 

Length of Visit: 

Length of Visit is simply defined as the amount of time a Visitors spent on a website and how much time they stuck to that website this is all data we know through the length of visit and is splitting the number of the timing and the inning of the best scenario of the length of the visits defined and the length of the visit simply calculate defined and visits mean to be negotiable the inner length with lots of turbine of the visit.

Depth of Visit: 

The ‘Visit depth’ dimension reports the number of page views the visitor saw in the entire visit. Visit depth increases only if the hit is a page view, and the Page dimension is not the same as the last page view’s dimension item

. It simply defined the number of pages to determine the number of website pages visit some particular site of website and the number of cheap problems solved by the particular people on the website of the design to the level of the website changes. 

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