NIA- MP Police dismantles a terror cell of ISIS

NIA- MP Police dismantles a terror cell of ISIS

On the night of May 26-27, searches were conducted and various items such as weapons with sharp edges, ammunition, potentially implicating documents and digital devices were confiscated.

The arrest of three individuals in Jabalpur, after a series of overnight raids conducted at 13 different locations, marks the dismantling of a terrorist group affiliated with ISIS.

NIA-MP Police 

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) carried out this operation in collaboration with the Madhya Pradesh Police’s Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS), following intelligence inputs.

On the night of May 26-27, the authorities conducted searches and apprehended three individuals named Syed Mamoor Ali, Mohammad Adil Khan, and Mohammad Shahid. During the operation, various sharp objects, ammunition, implicating documents, and electronic devices were confiscated.

NIA Statements

On May 24, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) initiated a case to probe the activities related to ISIS carried out by the accused Adil Khan, who had come under the agency’s scrutiny in August 2022. According to the NIA, Mr. Khan and his associates were allegedly engaged in spreading ISIS propaganda on social media platforms and organizing “dawah” programs. 

The NIA stated on Saturday that the group had been holding meetings and conducting religious teachings (“dars”) in local mosques and homes, while also plotting and conspiring to instil fear and terror in the country.

As per the agency’s statement, the three individuals who were charged displayed a significant level of radicalization and were resolute in their intention to engage in “violent jihad.” 

The agency further revealed that they were involved in fundraising, spreading ISIS propaganda, inspiring and enlisting young people, and attempting to acquire weapons and ammunition with the purpose of executing terrorist activities.

According to the National Investigation Agency (NIA), Mamoor Ali, who is facing charges, established a local organization referred to as “Fisabilillah” and managed a WhatsApp group with the same name. Together with his accomplices, he attempted to acquire handguns and maintained communication with an illegal arms supplier based in Jabalpur.

NIA- MP Police dismantles a terror cell of ISIS
Image Source: Free Press Journal

Operating ISIS Groups

“Adil, a committed follower and supporter of ISIS, had successfully gathered an active group of radicalized individuals in Jabalpur who shared his views. Some members of this group were already considering fleeing to conflict zones, while others were planning to establish a local organization to carry out violent jihad within India,” stated the agency. 

The accused individual, Mr. Khan, was also purportedly operating multiple YouTube, Instagram, and WhatsApp channels with the aim of motivating and recruiting young people to join ISIS. “Further investigations revealed that Shahid had also devised plans to acquire weapons, such as pistols, improvised explosive devices (IEDs), and even grenades, for the purpose of carrying out violent attacks in India,” reported the NIA.

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