No New Tax on the Middle class so far under Modi Gov- Sitharaman

Attending an event on Sunday, Union finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman said she identifies herself as middle class and that she understands the trouble faced by this section.

No new tax for the middle class


On Sunday, at a gathering hosted by RSS magazine Panchjanya, Nirmala Sitharaman, the Union finance minister, stated that she considers herself to be middle class and that she is aware of the difficulties this group is facing ahead of the budget session in the Parliament.

She added that people with annual incomes below 5 lacks are not subject to any new taxes under the current administration. The union minister added that the Center has made several steps to solve the middle-class issue, including establishing smart cities, increasing ease of living, and developing a metro train network.

The debate over freebies is pointless.

Nirmala Sitharaman, the finance minister, stated on Sunday that the discussion of what constitutes a freebie is irrelevant; the real issue is whether the government has the funds to provide it.

The minister avoided the topic of middle-class aspirations in her remarks before the Budget, but she claimed that even while the government did not put money in the hands of the middle class, it nevertheless provided them with metros and smart cities that made their lives easier.

International indices,

Regarding the issue of why some international indices, such as the Hunger Index, gave India a bad rating, Sitharaman urged people to question their data and the calibre of their research and also suggested that there were individuals in India working for foreign actors who were spreading anti-India propaganda.

“None of these index-creating organizations are government-run. A class in the nation, however, utilizes such indexes to undermine its government. People have been writing about how inaccurate these indices are. The PM’s economic advisory group member Sanjeev Sanyal has been writing about it for a year, said Sitharaman.

Problem of NPAs

She claimed that the Modi administration changed the way the government approached the issue of NPAs with a four-pronged strategy. “First, acknowledge that banks have an NPA problem.

The issue should then be fixed. Recapitalize the bank after that. Reform the bank eventually so that it functions professionally. No one may call the bank under the Modi government and request a loan, even if they have security and assets to provide.

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