Opposition Party Unity in 2024 Lok Sabha Elections: Can it really be a Game Changer?

The upcoming 2024 Lok Sabha Elections in India are already the talk of the town. With just a little more than a year  left, opposition political parties are gearing up to make their mark. However, with the BJP having a strong hold over the country’s narrative both domestically and internationally , the opposition parties will face a multitude of  challenges.

In such a scenario, the idea of opposition party unity has been gaining momentum. The opposition parties need to come together to put up a strong front against the ruling party to win key constituencies by not splitting the vote share against the incumbent .

The idea is not new, but it has not been implemented successfully in the past as usually coalitions are formed post polls in order to win a majority in floor test after intense negotiations and concessions by the 2 main national parties .

What can the opposition party do to win the upcoming election?

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The opposition parties need to put their personal agendas aside and focus on the bigger picture. Unity can be a game changer in the upcoming elections, and the opposition parties need to realize this ,case in point 1998 elections in which NDA was able to successfully build a coalition against congress that successfully led to the first non congress government completing a full 5 year term . A united front can not only give the opposition parties a better chance at winning but also bring about a change in the political scenario of the country.

However, achieving opposition party unity is easier said than done. The parties have different ideologies, and there have been instances in the past where they have been unable to come to a consensus on issues such as the recent Maha Vikas Aghadi government in Maharashtra that fell apart partly due to ideological disagreements in Shiv Sena. It requires strong leadership and the willingness to compromise for the greater good. 

In conclusion, opposition party unity can be a game changer in the upcoming 2024 Lok Sabha Elections. It is time for the opposition parties to realise the strength of putting strong local candidates and work towards a common goal by sharing data and playing to the strength of each party in each state such as DMK in Tamil Nadu or TMC in West Bengal . The road ahead is challenging, but if they can put up a strong front based upon a few consensual targets they all want to achieve , they can at least  give the ruling party a run for their money in order to maintain its majortiy .

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