Outbreak of new influenza virus H3N2 in India: Deadly virus  

Outbreak of new influenza virus H3N2 in India: Deadly virus  

Increase in global mobility of humans, nonhumans,  animals, plants, produce are driving the infectious disease. In  recent year several infectious spread well beyond the  previous. Many factor contribute to the global spread of  infectious diseases including the increasing spread, increasing speed, increasing volume of trade and tourism and  climate changes. 

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Across India an outbreak of new respiratory illness with  the symptom of fever, cold, cough, sore throat, runny nose  or stuffy nose, body ache, body ache ,chill and fatigue. In some case people may experience vomiting and diarrhea.  The symptom usually last for week for some last longer.

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ICMR (India council of medical research) on  March 4 confirmed that a new influenza subtype H3N2 virus  spread along the India. This hospitalized more people than  other virus. About 92% of people were hospitalized by were  detect by fever and 86% have cough, 27% breathless and  16% have wheezing, 16% showing pneumonia. 

By 2019 we are affected by H1N1 virus. But now we are  affected by H3N2 Virus. It is normal influenza virus of A  subtype. 

What is H2N3 virus? 

H2N3 virus is also Hong Kong virus first appeared in  Hong Kong in 1968 since now it evolved. It is known as flu

pandemic virus. There are four type of virus A.B.C,D Influenza virus .A and B are seasonal epidemics of flu. A respiratory illness that are occur every year 

A subtype-H1N1 H3N2 cause illness derived from the  form of 2 type of protein hemaggluttinin-H and N Neuraminidness 

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But why are we now getting this outbreak so widely?  Because the virus mutates a little bit, the immunity that we  had against the virus become a little less and therefore people who are susceptible tend to get infection more easily. 

Influenza has affected human for over 6000 year causing pandemic at regular intervial.During the 1918  Spanish flu it was thought to be a bacteria after it was by  virus.

COVID -19 Disease is an enormous challenge to the global.  The world was not prepared of sudden outbreak of this  disease. The progression of disease spread among many  country. From this we should aware and implemented macro  and macro level limits to prevent the outbreak.

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