Over 1.55L posts are vacant in three armed forces. 

The three armed forces are facing a deficiency of around 1.55L personnel with the Army accounting for the maximum 1.36L vacancies, the Rajya Sabha was informed on Monday.

In a written reply, Minister of State for Defense Ajay Bhatt said the shortage of armed forces personnel and mitigating measures are reviewed regularly and numerous measures have been initiated to fill the vacancies and encourage youth to join the services. 

Bhatt further added that there is a shortage of 8,129 officers in the Indian Army which includes the Army Medical Corps and Army Dental Corps; there are 509 vacant posts in the Military Nursing Services (MNS), and 1,27,673 posts of JCOs and other ranks are vacant as well. 

There are also 252 vacant posts in group A among the civilians employed by the forces, 2, 549 vacancies are there in Group B, and 35,368 in Group C – the minister. In the Navy, there is a deficiency of 12,428 personnel. 

There is a shortage of 1,653 officers, 29 medical and dental officers, and 10, 746 sailors, the minister said in his reply among the civilian employees, there is a deficiency of 165 in Group A, 4207 in Group B, and 6,156 in Group C. 

In the Indian Air Force, there is a shortage of 7, 031 personnel; there is also a deficiency of 721 officers, 16 medical officers, 4,734 Airmen and 113 Airmen of Medical Assistance trade among others, he said. Among the civilians being employed, there is a deficiency of 22 in Group A, 1303 in Group B, and 5531 in Group C. 

The candidate-friendly recruitment process, grant of Permanent Commission to the Short Service Commission officers, for both men and women, entry of women through NDA, and creation of requisite infrastructure are some other steps taken to encourage youth to join the services. 

This has become a major matter of concern for the government as the population in the country is rising on another – level which is leading to less creation of job opportunities due to lack of education, candidates are unskilled, and they are not updated regarding their role in government services.


Due to these incapable candidates, there is a rising wave of unemployment; there are still vacant jobs in the Navy, Airforce, and the Indian Army. Situations are getting tough and the vacancies are widening at a large scale. 

This is also a major turnover for the government in the year 2023 as they are failing to create new job opportunities and creating fresh opportunities have become a major cause and an issue for the entire Indian Government as the people of India are losing hope in their government. 

The recruitments for these three important departments are open but they are not able to find enthusiastic people who can carry on their job and execute it very well. 

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