Participation of women in leadership positions

It has been more than 75 years of the independence of India, and we have only got one female prime minister, Indira Gandhi, and 2 female presidents, Pratibha Patil, and Draupadi Murmu. In the chief minister position, all 28 states and 8 union territories collectively have just 16 chief ministers until today.

But why the participation of women in leadership positions is so less? All the effect of women empowerment and changes happening is just in the workforce not in leadership. 8 March 2023 is celebrated as international women’s day, and today we all should look at women’s participation in leadership positions. 

On 19th March 2022, The Print published an article on their website on women’s getting an important position like DM. They say if we go with the data of women qualifying for IAS exams, the figure goes up to 30% but if we start looking at the important position in all states, the figure is no more than 19%. IAS is considered one of the most powerful positions, and the figure of women’s participation here is not so satisfying. 

The current chief justice of India(CJI), DY Chandrachud is the 50th CJI of India. Out of 50 CJI, there hasn’t been a single woman in this position. And if we look at all judges of the supreme court, we have only 11 women as judges and currently, out of 34 judges there are just 3 female judges.

Where are all the women empowerment campaigns happening? Why is it just limited to the workforce? Why do we have so few women in the leadership or can be said important position? Out of 542 members in Loksabha, there are just 78 women which is not even 15%.

Where are we heading too? Where is the women empowerment campaign heading too? Just to get them into a corporate job. If we look into the critical leadership position all over India there is still a supremacy of the male gender. 

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