Ponniyin Selvan 2 – hunt of cholas 

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Ponniyin Selvan is Pan Indian movie directed by mani ratnam,and this is based on historical fiction novel ponniyin Selvan by kalki.

The cast including  Aishwarya Rai,vikram,karthi,jayam Ravi, Aishwarya lekshmi, prakash raj, sobhita dhulipala,Vikram Prabhu, Trisha parthiban, sarath Kumar, lal and rehman.

The music was composed by A.R Rahman, cinematography by Ravi Varma and voice over by Kamal Hassan.

The dream project of maniratnam’s ponniyin Selvan 2 got released on April 28th 2023.



Ponniyin Selvan 2:hunt of tigers 

The story begins with how the chola Kingdom made nandini to leave her livelihood, because of falling love with chola prince Adithya karikalan.because of this incident Nandini had a stubborn mind of taking revenge on Aditya karikalan.

When the vallavaraiyan vandiyadevan,ponkuzhali and nambi rescues ponniyin selvan for the breathtaking accident,the had to rescue the thronging prince.they took him the place called Nagapattinam, meanwhile while vallavaraiyan vandiyadevan and nambi had to inform the cholas that ponniyin selvan is still alive.

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Vallavaraiyan vandiyadevan catched by the people lives in forest and came to know that they including Nandini had planned to kill Adithya karikalan in ponniyin selvan same time.meanwhile nambi come to rescue vallavaraiyan vandiyadevan.

Vallavaraiyan vandiyadevan Mets princess kundavai and informs that Adithya karikalan is still alive, meanwhile nambi Mets Adithya karikalan informs the good news.

Nandini learns the truth of her mother mandakini and also princess kundavai asks about nandini with her father sundara chola.

       Source:times of india 

Nandini plans to kill Adithya karikalan and the ravidasan enters into the chola palace to kill ponniyin Selvan,but nandini’s mother rescues ponniyin Selvan and sundara chola.

When Adithya karikalan and kundavai Mets ponniyin Selvan, vallavaraiyan vandiyadevan informs that nandini had planned to kill Adithya karikalan.

But Adithya karikalan enters into kambur place and meets nandini,after learning the truth nandini denies to kill Adithya karikalan,but Adithya karikalan kills himself.

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Learning the truth, Vallavaraiyan Vandiyadevan urged the rescue to save Aditya karikalan,but he already died.hence he was caught for  misconception of Adithya karikalan’s death and jailed.

Nandini rescues Periya Pallzuvetter, king of Kadambur and she kills herself.

Hence prince ponniyin Selvan makes Madhurantha cholar to throne and rule chola Kingdom.


Ponniyin Selvan part two was rated 7.7 in imdb and 4.5 in Google. A good movie with positive and negative comments,it collected 80 crores in just three days. 

The story was pretty clear and conveyed what was the story. When the question was raised on ponniyin Selvan 3,the story will not be continued .

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