Pope’s words about women

Pope's words about women
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image source: current pope: Francis I

Who is the pope ?

A pontiff in a position of supremacy is called a pope. Francis, sometimes known as Francis I, is the current pope. He was the head of the Catholic Church worldwide and a pontiff. Jorge Mario Bergoglio is the real name of the pope. With Catholics, he is regarded as the most powerful person in the world. They’ll think he’s a different god like Jesus.

Peter, a saint, is the first holder. One of the apostles of Jesus, along with the other twelve, was Saint Peter. He belongs to the Catholic Church movement. It was founded in Rome in the first century.

What did he say ?

He claims that by granting women equal rights and opportunities, the world will advance in a more positive way. He asserted on Wednesday that women can improve the state of international peace and make it more sustainable if they have access to all rights, opportunities, and equality.

An applause for all ladies, because they deserve it,” he added.

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