Pursuing medicine in USA

Studying in USA is a dream comes true for many. But the conditions are a little tough as the US medical college demand competence. It is logical as intelligence is required to go through the rigours of studying medicine in US. It certainly is not an easy task., so let’s examine the information/conditions.


 For Indians, one has to complete 12 th class. After that one needs to complete pre-med program leading to Bachelor of science (BS) After that we can take MCAT(Medical College Admission Test). And now we start applying to American medical universities. Now the process of applying starts. The more the MCAT score the better the chance for getting better university.

It is important to note that one must do proper research on the university one wishes to join as there is difference (little) among the universities in the choice of subjects one takes in in program BS as well as expenses.

The medicine course:

One has to complete 4 years of education and a further residence of 3-7 years to emerge as a doctor. International students wishing to further their career can undergo further training or do fellowship needing 1-4 years of training. The medical course is both intensive and exhaustive. So one has to prepare for that. It is not just listening to lectures but one will be put through clinical rotations throughout the course to gain first-hand experience.


As one completes studies and will plan to start practicing , before that one has to pass United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE). It is also called Board exam. This test is spread over the education.

The first part is at the end of 2nd year, the 2nd part is at the end of 4th year and the third part is at the end of first year residency.

Now you are a doctor of medicine from United States of America.

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