Put own house in order,’ India told Pakistan at the UN”

Put own house in order,’ India told Pakistan at the UN”

India argued that Pakistan should first take care of its affairs and prioritize the rights of its citizens. Ironically, Pakistan teaches the rest of the world about evil and right while denying social justice and freedom to its people.

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Image Source : Free press journal 

On the United Nations stage on Wednesday, India sent a strong warning to Pakistan, saying that the neighboring nation must first take care of its own affairs before indicting India for violating human rights. 

Under Secretary for External Affairs Jagpreet Kaur claimed that Pakistan has been preaching morality to the world while denying democracy to its people during a UN session on human rights. 

In response to the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) statement, Jagpreet Kaur said, “We ask Pakistan to put its own house in order and focus on improving its appalling record of protection and promotion  of human rights of its own population.”

Pakistan’s declaration was addressed by MEA Under Secretary Jagpreet Kaur on Wednesday during a meeting of the UN Human Rights Council.

India vehemently disagreed with Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s use of the term “occupied” when he described Jammu and Kashmir as part of Pakistan.

India’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Ambassador Ruchira Kamboj, stated on Tuesday at the UN Security Council open discussion on peace, women, and security that India finds it worthless to even respond to such harmful and misleading propaganda.

India stated at the human rights session on Wednesday that it is ironic that over the course of seven decades, Pakistan’s own institutions, laws, and policies have prohibited its population and the people in the territories it controls these truths and destroyed their hopes for genuine democracy and freedom, equality, tolerance, and social justice.

Although posing as the defender of human rights, Pakistan has openly admitted in the past that it has created terrorist organizations and trained its members to fight in the Indian Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, and Afghanistan according to Jagpreet Kaur.

Blasphemy laws, which entail harsh punishments like mandatory death sentences, have been used to attack Hindu, Christians, Sikhs, Ahmadiyya Muslims, and Hazara Shias, Kaur continued.

We disagree with the OIC statement’s inaccurate and unjustified comments against India. The Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh Union Territories as a whole are an intrinsic and unalienable part of India, according to Kaur.

The President of India is using its right of rebuttal in response to Pakistan’s comments. The Pakistani delegate continued to wax lyrical about purported human rights abuses in India.

We immediately refute these unfounded accusations. According to Kaur, “Pakistan’s entire concentration has been on preaching to the world about bad and right, facts and lies, hope and despair.

India stated that it is not surprising that Pakistan is now a victim of its own malignant state policies of cultivating terrorist organizations because Pakistan’s efforts to support and encourage terrorism have been accountable for human rights violations throughout the world.

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