Rahul Gandhi raised questions on Modi-Adani relations in parliament?

Yesterday Rahul Gandhi ended his speech in Loksabha with these 5 questions, and he didn’t ask these questions to the government, he asked these questions directly to the prime minister. In his more than 40 minutes of speech, he attacks the government and raises some important which need to be discussed.

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“How many times did you travel with Adani ji?”

“How many times did Adani ji join you later on a visit?”

“How many times did Adani ji travel to a country immediately after you visit?”

“In how many of these countries after you visited, Adani ji get a country?”

“How much money Adani ji donated to BJP in last 20 years?”

He asked how in whatever industry Gautam Adani enters, he becomes successful. How is this happening? Earlier he used to deal in barely 2-3 sectors and now he is dealing in 8-10 sectors and he is successful in all of them. And in most of the sectors he enter, he didn’t have any prior experience.

If all of what Rahul Gandhi says is true the question raises how Gautam Adani got the contracts without having any prior experience that too so easily? Rahul Gandhi said that Gautam Adani gets into the airports and defence without any prior experience.

Which is completely true, without any experience Gautam Adani gets into both sectors, gets the contract and becomes successful in it. He said that “there used to be a rule, anybody who does not have a prior experience in airports can not be involved in the development of these airports.

The current government changed this rule and immediately after that Gautam Adani got the contract of 6 airports.” What if this rule had stayed as it is, leave the matter of getting the contract, he wasn’t even fit into the eligibility criteria.

While raising another important concern he said, “some days ago Hindenberg published a report on the Adani group which says there are sell companies of the Adani group outside India. Whose company is it? Whose money is coming to India?

The Adani group is dealing in strategic businesses like ports, defence etc. And we don’t know whose money is it, how much money is it. It is a matter of national security” If these are all true, why Indian government don’t know whose sell companies are they, and how much money they are sending to India?

And putting together the 5 questions asked by Rahul Gandhi, what is the relation between industrialist Gautam Adani and our prime minister Narendra Modi?

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