Rajnath: Technological advancement in the defence sector

Technological advancement in the defence sector: Rajnath

The remarks from the Defense Minister were made considering the ongoing border dispute in eastern Ladakh and Pakistan’s persistent backing of terrorist activities across borders.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh emphasized the need for India to prioritize the development of its defence technology in response to the dual challenges it faces along its borders. In an indirect mention of the difficulties along the frontiers with China and Pakistan, Singh highlighted the importance of advancing India’s capabilities in the field of defence.

Advanced Defence Technology

During his speech at a conference, Mr Singh emphasized the importance of conducting thorough research in order to create advanced defence technologies that can effectively address the diverse security challenges faced by the nation.

He expressed the significance of technological progress for a country like India due to the presence of two simultaneous threats along its borders. Given this context, it becomes crucial for India to make strides in terms of technological advancement.

He stated that presently, our military stands as one of the largest globally, and the courage demonstrated by our armed forces is a topic of conversation worldwide. 

Technological advancement in the defence sector: Rajnath
Image Source: Hindustan Times

In light of this, it becomes crucial for us to possess a technologically sophisticated military force in order to safeguard our nation’s interests.

The Defense Minister made these remarks against the backdrop of the ongoing border dispute in eastern Ladakh and Pakistan’s persistent backing of terrorism across the borders.

Mr Singh emphasized the need for cooperation between the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and educational institutions to achieve the desired progress in technology.

He expressed that research is the sole means of achieving progress, emphasizing the urgency for collaboration between DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organization) and academia. 

According to him, as this partnership strengthens, India’s research sector will expand proportionately. 

Establishing Connections and Collaborations

He highlighted the presence of scientists and experts from both DRDO and academia, indicating the potential for fruitful collaboration.

Mr Singh emphasized the importance of establishing connections among all participants through partnerships. However, he also encouraged them to go beyond that and make efforts to foster connections at both personal and organizational levels.

Mr Singh emphasized the necessity for united endeavours and collaboration to effectively address the array of difficulties confronting the nation. 

He stated that there are numerous significant challenges that we currently face, particularly in terms of national defence, which further amplifies the magnitude of these challenges.

He emphasized that no single institution can handle these challenges independently. The key to tackling these challenges lies in working together and forming partnerships. Mr. Singh also highlighted the significance of collaboration between DRDO and academia in developing technologies that can be utilized for both civilian and military purposes.

“He mentioned that by establishing a partnership between DRDO and academia, DRDO would progress towards the advancement of dual use technology. These technologies are designed to serve both military and civilian needs.”

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