Salhoutuonuo Kruse Becomes First Woman Minister in Nagaland

Salhoutuonuo Kruse’s appointment as the first woman minister in Nagaland is a significant milestone for women in the state and across India. Kruse’s vision for Nagaland is one of sustainable development, greater participation of women in politics and governance, and improved access to healthcare. 

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Salhoutuonuo Kruse, a member of the Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP), has become the first woman to hold a ministerial position in Nagaland. Kruse was sworn in as the Minister of Urban Development and Municipal Affairs on Monday, March 7th, in the presence of Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio and other senior officials. Kruse’s appointment is being hailed as a landmark moment for women in Nagaland and across India.

Kruse’s Background and Career

Salhoutuonuo Kruse was born and raised in Kohima, the capital city of Nagaland. She completed her graduation in English Literature from St. Joseph’s College, Jakhama, and went on to pursue a Master’s degree in the same subject from the University of Hyderabad. Kruse has been actively involved in social work and community development for over a decade. She is the founder of an NGO called Women in Governance (WING), which works towards empowering women in Nagaland and other northeastern states.

Kruse joined the NDPP in 2019 and contested the state assembly elections from the Phek constituency. She won the seat with a comfortable margin, defeating her nearest rival by over 3,000 votes. Kruse’s victory was seen as a significant milestone for women in Nagaland, where female representation in politics has traditionally been low.

Kruse’s Vision for Nagaland

As the Minister of Urban Development and Municipal Affairs, Kruse has laid out her priorities for Nagaland. She has emphasized the need for sustainable urban planning and development, with a focus on creating smart cities and improving infrastructure. Kruse has also spoken about the importance of promoting tourism in the state and making Nagaland a more attractive destination for visitors.

Kruse has stressed the need for greater participation of women in politics and governance. She has called for more women to be given leadership roles in the state, saying that it is essential for the development of Nagaland. Kruse has also highlighted the need for better healthcare facilities in the state, particularly in rural areas, and has promised to work towards improving access to healthcare for all.

Reaction to Kruse’s Appointment

Kruse’s appointment as the first woman minister in Nagaland has been widely welcomed by politicians and activists. Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio congratulated Kruse on her appointment, saying that it was a historic moment for Nagaland. Rio also expressed confidence that Kruse would serve the state with distinction and contribute to its development.

Women’s rights activists in Nagaland and other northeastern states have also hailed Kruse’s appointment. They have described it as a significant step forward for women’s empowerment in the region and a positive example for other states to follow.

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