The conceptual design is the first step of the design. In the process of conceptual design, you should consider the scenario. When you want to imagine or express a particular situation that time scenario in conceptual design is important. We can use various designs in the process of conceptual design including the technical implementation which is an essential step. So in this article, we are going to discuss how using scenarios plays a vital role in conceptual design. Let’s get started.

What is the Conceptual Scenario?

Conceptual scenarios which describe the task and goals so that they can be used as task descriptions.

What is a Scenario Prototype?

Scenario-based prototyping which means it tries to express the similarities between the formal models and prototypes in the conceptual model. Which is helpful to empower stakeholders to experience.

What does it mean scenario in the conceptual design process?

It is the informal way that tells about the task or activity. it is used to express particular situations which is helpful in conceptual design whether it is a proposed or imagined one.

What are the advantages of using a scenario in conceptual design?

  • It is helpful to portray a proposed situation.
  • It is helpful to understand concrete examples of the tasks.
  • User experience and potential customers.
  • To understand the sale ideas to the user.

Using scenarios in conceptual design

There are various reason to use throughout the design in various ways as follow;

  • You can imagine the overall design.
  • For technical implementation, it is necessary.
  • For the user evaluation of prototypes
  • For the process of cooperation within a teams
  • To understand the advantage and disadvantages of scenarios to explore extreme factors.
  • To express the particular situation whether it is proposed or imagined.
  • Plus and minus scenarios are helpful to capture the positive and the negative consequences of a particular proposed situation in the design process.

Why it is essential to use scenarios and prototypes in the conceptual model?

  • You can assume the real and the future product.
  • It helps to attract customers.
  • It is useful for the test the design process before the final production.
  • You can find out the errors by the testing process and sort them out before they come into production.

Final Thoughts:

Subsequently, we have studied the Scenarios & prototypes in the Conceptual model in detail. It plays a major role in the process of design. Stay connected and keep reading. 

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