Sex Education: Not more a Secret

Sex Education: Not more a Secret

Sex education is essential in schools because it informs students about reproductive health, related organs, adolescence, and sexually transmitted diseases. It also raises awareness in order to protect people from misconceptions about various sex-related issues.

Sex education is a comprehensive set of knowledge and a process of learning the emotional, physical, and social aspects of sexuality. Sex education should include information about puberty, menstruation, contraceptives, condoms, sexual violence prevention, sexual orientation, gender identity, and body image.

Sex education will provide the importance of own well-being and health and others, it gives a better understanding and the protection of rights throughout their lives. People have so many different conceptions about sex education. Many people think teaching children sex education is equivalent to permitting them to engage in sexual intercourse, which is not true.

Engaging in sexual intercourse is their choice and if they are, they should be aware of the consequences and how to prevent diseases and unintended pregnancy. Having knowledge, skills, and values will empower them to realize their health and well-being and their dignity and have respectful social and sexual relationships.

Sex education should treat sexual development as normal human development. Young people have the right to live a healthy life and society has the responsibility to create an environment for them and yield them with comprehensive Sex education which will help them to make healthy decisions.

But this is not enough, Children are perplexed and demand honest answers. Comprehensive sex education should provide honest, age-appropriate information.

Need for sex education and reasons to support sex education in schools

Every child should know that they can decide who can touch them. Puberty brings out a dramatic physical and mental change in an unprepared child. Sex education should be mandatory in school. Parents should not be allowed to opt-in or opt out of something they are going to need in their life. Sex education doesn’t increase the engagement of a child in sex but actually does the opposite. Here are some reasons to support sex education in school:

  1. Teenagers need to know safer options

Studies have shown that sexually aware students are most likely to say no to unprotected sex. Through sex education, teenagers can be taught the positive and negative sides of sex. They can learn about sexually transmitted diseases, teenage unintended pregnancy, and the emotional effects of sex. It teaches the students how to reduce the risk by using various methods such as condoms, pills, and hormonal contraceptives. Teens are alarmed about these things and engage in responsible sexual behavior.

2) Teenagers have a better understanding of values and autonomy over their bodies 

Sex education teaches the child not only the basics of puberty, body changes, and development but also gives a comprehensive understanding of their bodies and how to say no to unwanted sexual activities.

3) Sex education works

From time to time, research has shown that sex education taught with accurate and appropriate information about human sexuality, including steps to reduce the risks, has been beneficial to the students. 

The objective and importance of sex education

The objective of sex education is to help children, and teenagers understand the body of men and women and improve their attitudes towards sexual and reproductive health behaviors. Understanding the differences and similarities between the genders will help them to know more about their body and how it changes as they grow up.

This mindset will set up a foundation for future development in acquaintance with their friends or lovers. Sex Education sows a seed of responsibility in one’s mind towards others as well as oneself. It is about self-acceptance and embracing one’s body. 

The importance of sex education:

  • It is important for a person to realize the health, well-being, and dignity of not only themselves but also of others. It simply means honoring and having empathy with the range of experiences and identities that exist in the world that every human goes through. 
  • Good Sex Education teaches the young generation what constitutes sexual violence. Sometimes kids are unaware of the sexual exploitation they are experiencing, they hesitate to tell their parents about it because they are not aware of it. Sexual violence is wrong and kids have the right to know about their bodies and ask for help if they have been assaulted. 
  • Good Sex education instills an understanding of how the choices affect their well-being and that of others. Having mutual respect results in reliable relationships, and how we interact with other people possess a powerful and long-lasting impact on the people involved.  


Sex education should be compulsory in every school. Comprehensive sex education is important for young people to prepare themselves for any bodily changes and maintain their healthy and hygienic well-being. Sex education doesn’t promote having sex, which should be realized by the parents. Knowing about your sexuality gives altogether a better and more productive mindset and relationship in the future. 

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