I think we all of us carried shirt with us,in different situation.according to our need its very common also,round cut or apple cut shirts weather its occasions or formal at office here i’m going to share its types and varieties of shirt which we can buy from market and which pattern of shirt is suitable according to your comfort and theme.

variety and type of shirt

a shirt is a cloth garment for upper body from neck to waist. having button and collar.


the word ”denim”derived from french word. denim is a sturdy warp faces textile in which weft passes under two or warp threads these twill weaving produce a diagonal ribbing and distinguish from cotton duck.while denim is a predecessor known as dungaree has produced in India.hundred of years then french city of ni^mes under name of ‘serge de nimes.’

the most common denim is indigo denim in which wrap thread is dyed. while weft thread left result of warp faced  twill waving one side of textile dominated with blue wrap thread and another side dominated with white wrap thread. these causes blue jeans to be white inside,indigo dying process in which core of warp thread remain white,and create denim signature fading character stick.

printed shirt 

 these can be wore as you like mostly you will notice flower (flora) or dot printed these outfit can be wore casually and wedding and parties too. but in office its awkward. recently these shirt was in trend and introduced in number of prints in market. and shades light and dark color both.

high neck shirt 

high neck a sophisticated neckline design,like a high neck few inches upper from chain and help offset a long face or a long neck.

Cuban collar shirt 

the  classic Cuban collar shirt feature an open ,notch lapel-like collar ,short sleeve and straight, boxy hem, it is similar silhouette to retro bowling shirt and touristy Hawaiian shirt but a bit more class.and comfortable to wear in summer.

over shirt 

an over shirt is essentially a shirt jacket that comes in variety of styles and fabrics. some over shirt  features zip,some features buttons some have large and open pocket some don’t have any at all so, we can say having a wide variety of shirt jacket choose according to your understatement.

flannel shirt   

 flannel shirt is a short woven,fabrics, various fineness,flannel was originally made from carded wool or worsted yarn, but is now often made from either wool, cotton or synthetic fiber the term ”flannel shirt” is often used casually to meant any shirt with plaid or tartan pattern or in check pattern.

chambray shirt    

chambray is a cotton plain weave fabric made with a dyed wrap and white filling yarn. chambray is typically in light blue. color and woven  differently. it is softer texture then denim and thinner in construction.

linen shirt

a textile made from the fiber of flex plant linen is very strong and absorbent,and dries faster then cotton because of the character stick,linen  is comfortable to wear in hot weather and valued for use garment.   

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