Simplifying Social Constructs: Feminism at the view 

Feminism, by definition, denotes equality of the sexes. In a postmodern apocalyptic era, It is everything that humanity can count on for its survival. Equality of the sexes can be imbibed through the perception of gender roles, obliterating the same, and creating a strong foothold towards progress and development.

Simplifying social constructs: Feminism at the view 
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A new world order isn’t something that can be realized within a day’s time. It takes years to establish a revolution and to bring it to the fore. That is what makes this movement so extraordinary. Men are an integral part of the revolution. The perils of surviving the patriarchy remain undeniably brutal for either gender and for every other gender that lies in the middle of the vast spectrum of sexuality. 

Why are equality of the sexes and the idea of feminism so vital?

While focussing on reimagining the world to create a constructive foundation for revival, women have slowly started emerging in this war for survival. One may notice more women participating in the corporate sector, earning bread for their family members, and creating a social impact that will shape generations to come. 

The first and foremost essentiality is education. In the remotest corners of India, a girl child is still treated as a burden by family members where her sexuality becomes her greatest vice. Women are married off at a young age and expected to raise a family while the male members become the sole bread-earners. 

The change has slowly started seeping in as one may begin to notice more female children inhabiting educational institutions. Female-centric movies and professions have started developing a solid ground for the upliftment of women, while mindsets are slowly accelerating toward change. 

How does the hyper-sexualization of women affect society in general?

Women are usually deemed usually less intelligent than their male counterparts. However, intellect is a perceptive subject where sexualization falls under the radar. But women are equally capable of being smart, in the exact same way that men are. 

The urban sector of society however isn’t completely bereft of these comparisons. It can often be noticed that a woman’s intellect is neglected upon being compared to that of her male counterparts. 

A woman’s existence can often get reduced to just her appearance. Appearance does play a crucial role when it comes to creating an impact. But intellect carries that same impact on its shoulders. What ought to be stated and understood is how women are viewed through a general mindset.

Once perspectives begin to alter for the greater welfare, women will be able to come forward and unburden the men from the pressing responsibilities, coaxed upon them by society for the sake of fulfilling gender roles

There aren’t any differences between men, women, and those even who choose to identify as either or neither. At the end of it all, there is only one agenda that unifies everyone all together. And that agenda is the sustenance of humanity in a world like ours. 

One can only hope that the same idea of an egalitarian society will liberate us from the shackles of patriarchy, where love, tolerance, and equality will reign supreme.

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