Stalemate over the Nomination of Eric Garcetti as US Ambassador to India and Consequences for US-India Relationship

The US-India relationship has hit a snag with the nomination of Eric Garcetti as the new US ambassador to India. Garcetti, who is the current Mayor of Los Angeles, was nominated by President Biden in July 2021, but his nomination has been stuck in a stalemate since then.

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Background and Controversy

The controversy surrounding Garcetti’s nomination stems from allegations of sexual harassment against one of his former aides. In addition, some Indian American activists have raised concerns about Garcetti’s lack of experience in foreign policy and his alleged lenient stance on China. These factors have led to a delay in his confirmation by the US Senate.

Consequences for US-India Relationship

The delay in confirming Garcetti’s nomination has consequences for the US-India relationship. The position of the US ambassador to India is a critical one, as it serves as the primary point of contact between the two countries. The ambassador plays a crucial role in promoting trade, investment, and defense cooperation between the two countries.

Moreover, with the US-China rivalry heating up, India has emerged as an important partner for the US in the Indo-Pacific region. The US has been looking to deepen its strategic partnership with India to counter China’s growing influence in the region. A delay in confirming the US ambassador to India could hamper efforts to strengthen the US-India relationship and slow down progress on key issues such as defense cooperation and trade.

India’s Reaction

India has not officially commented on the stalemate over Garcetti’s nomination. However, growing concerns have been expressed over the delay and called on the US to expedite the process. The delay has come at a time when India is facing multiple challenges, including a rising China and a pandemic-induced economic slowdown. Both the US and Indian governments have been keen to deepen their relationship with each other, with President Biden inviting Prime Minister Modi for a state visit this summer  A strong US-India partnership is critical for India to overcome these challenges and the appointment of an ambassador is instrumental for that process.


The delay in confirming Eric Garcetti’s nomination as the US ambassador to India has raised concerns about the future of the US-India relationship. With the US and China competing for influence in the Indo-Pacific region, a strong US-India partnership is critical for regional stability and security. It is important for the US Senate and the White House to resolve the controversy surrounding Garcetti’s nomination and confirm him as soon as possible or look for an alternative to his nomination at the earliest.

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