In the previous article, we have seen a detailed study of the interaction design. As far as we have understood that what is interaction design and what are the principle and elements of interaction design? In this article, we will discuss the standards and guidelines of interaction design.

Standard and guidelines

For the successful interaction design which includes simplicity, clarity, and clear objective with a solid purpose. In the interaction design, you should put the minimum and the necessary things which complete the task in front of the users.

What are the standard design guidelines in interaction design?

  • To set the recommendations.
  • To put how to apply design principles for positive user experience.
  • The designer puts put some guidelines and principles like learnability consistency and so on.

What is the difference between the standards and guidelines?

Yes of course there is a difference between the standards and guidelines in the interaction design process. The standard is limited in the application which provides that standards are high in authority. But the guidelines play a different role rather than standards. It is low in power and more general in application. if you want to achieve your goal and a successful design then standards are mandatory to follow in the process but guidelines are like a list of the relevant subject which is helpful to improve your design process.

What is the mean objective to follow standards and guidelines?

In the interaction design process, there are some standards like the safety and quality of the product and services. the standards and guidelines which are really helpful to reduce the cost and it saves your energy too. It is helpful to ensure consistency.

What is the importance of design standards in the design process?

It is helpful for the designer to work effectively. It helps to increase the quality because you can achieve your goals by following the standards. It also helps to share ideas and creativity and learn from others too.

How do we write the design guidelines?

There are some steps you can follow to write guidelines as follow;

  1. To write and start with imperative words like include, hide, limit and enable, etc.
  2. Reduce unnecessary words
  3. Organized guidelines according to per section
  4. Encourage the readers’ judgment
  5. Add a positive statement instead of a negative one.
  6. Put a list instead of the paragraph
  7. The length of the sentence and the guidelines should be limited
  8. Specific advice should be mentioned.


Subsequently, we come to know that in the process of interaction design these two terms standards and guidelines are important. Standards are important and mandatory in the process of interaction design to improve quality. On the opposite side, guidelines are essential to avoid unnecessary things.

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