Kejriwal’s Speech “Story Of An Uneducated King”

“People would criticize him over his education which later on forced him to get a fake (MA) degree,” Kejriwal said.

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Recently in a groundbreaking speech at Delhi assembly , CM Arvind Kejriwal stood up and narrated a fictional tale about a boy who became a king. Due to his poor education the kingdom suffered a lot.

Problems like unemployment , inflation, corruption.

CM Kejriwal further said the kingdom was well known for its treasures,glory and culture.

After the king’s tenure began according to kejriwal the country went towards straight downfall. Also to keep in mind this king according to him is educated till 4th standard.

The Story Of King

CM Kejriwal started his fictional tale by saying there was a boy who was born in a poor family and his childhood was full of struggles. “An astrologer informed her mother about the boy 

That he was going to rule the whole kingdom one day. Later on the boy grew up and started selling tea at a nearby railway station” upon saying this assembly bursted into laughter.

When the boy grew up and became older he definitely did become the king. However due to lack of proper knowledge about the state of affairs.

He would be influenced by his friends who also have their own influence. The king helped his friends buy airports, coal mines, and power companies leading to huge economic destruction,” Kejriwal said.

“One day, on the advice of his people, the king announced demonetisation. The whole kingdom plunged into despair and struggles. Shops were closed. Many businesses were lost,” Kejriwal said.

As the members of the Assembly listened, Kejriwal continued, “It did not end here. The king then decided to bring new laws for farmers. These laws were nothing but anti-farmers. Millions of farmers protested and around 750 died. Finally, the king had to repeal the laws.”

Kejriwal then shifted the focus of the story to the king’s friend. “The king and his friend looted the kingdom leading to huge inflation,” Kejriwal said.

Kejriwal looked at the opposition parties and asked them not to take it seriously as the story is not pointing at their leader (referring to BJP senior leader and Prime Minister Narendra Modi).

“The king jailed anybody who spoke against him,” he said and compared the king to Mohammad bin Tughlaq, the eighteenth Sultan of Delhi. 

And then Kejriwal introduced a character in the story who, according to him, was a ‘chief minister’ who was ‘kattar imandaar’ (brutally honest), ‘deshbhakt’ (patriotic) and ‘educated’.

“The chief minister used to take care of people by providing free electricity and good education,” Kejriwal said.

He concluded the story by saying the people of the kingdom are slowly realizing their king’s true motives. “They soon removed him and made the chief minister their king and from there on the kingdom witnessed only progress and development,” he said.


Kejriwal criticizes the government for their failure while using satire to his aid. Explaining a situation or a real condition through humor or satire. Kejriwal talks about policy failures and unnecessary law making which led to farmer protests. Kejriwal explains how he was summoned and yelled upon for giving free education to children and giving electricity free. Kejriwal criticizes government in a way which is not hurtful or disrespect in a story telling manner.

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