Strike By Auto Rickshaw Drivers: Bengaluru

Strike By Auto Rickshaw Drivers: Bengaluru

The Bengaluru Auto motorists Unions’ Federation has declared a strike on Monday to protest against Rapido bike apps and other whiteboard bike app services operating in the megacity “immorally”.

The union has long called for a ban on bike hacks because they claim they peril the livelihoods of auto rickshaw motorists. The union intends to carry a kick at the Majestic machine station. 

According to the union, the strike is anticipated to keep a significant number of auto-rickshaws off the roads. M Manjunath, convener of the confederation said, “By not taking any action against the illegal Rapido services, the government has miserably failed to guard the interest of the bus motorists.

Strike By Auto Rickshaw Drivers: Bengaluru
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The bike hack services have destroyed the livelihoods of bus motorists. Despite multiple prayers to initiate action against similar services, the government has done nothing.” 

“The bike hack service is also exploiting youths by deceiving them with impulses. The app immorally on-boards council scholars.” A recording of an incident when an autorickshaw motorist was draining a “Rapido driver” in Indiranagar before this month went viral on social media, leading to the arrest of the autorickshaw motorist.

After Rapido began operating without a licence, conflicts between Rapido riders and autorickshaw motorists have grown regular in Bangalore. The union has prompted the state government to ban the use of bike hack services handled by mobile app-grounded aggregators in the megacity. 

Motorists claim that aggregators are soliciting youthful people to use their “illegal” bike hack services by putting whiteboards on two-wheelers (intended for a particular use) without carrying any licence from the transport department.

The aggregator has sought a stay order from the Karnataka High Court, which in an interim relief in 2021 told the government not to pursue any coercive action against the establishment.

The Karnataka Electric Bike Taxi Program 2021, which was initiated to ameliorate first- and last- afar connectivity, promote eco-friendly transport options, and simplify civic mobility, would allow thee-bike hack services to operate.

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