“Earth’s Existential Crisis: A Wake-Up Call to Mitigate Dangers and Secure a Sustainable Future”

The planet earth, our home, is facing a plethora of dangers that threaten its very existence. From climate change to pollution, deforestation to overpopulation, the list of perils is seemingly endless. The situation is dire, and the need for immediate action is more pressing than ever. In this report, we will highlight some of the most significant dangers that our … Read more

The result of a ‘hole’ discovered on the Sun’s surface, a massive solar storm might impact Earth by Friday.

On Friday, the planet could be hit by a massive solar storm caused by a gigantic coronal hole that is 20 to 30 times the size of Earth. The coronal hole was detected on Tuesday, March 28th, by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory. It is expected to cause a geomagnetic storm that could potentially disrupt power grids, satellite communications, and GPS … Read more

Space Exploration and the Impact on Earth’s Resources

Space exploration has always fascinated mankind. Over the past century, numerous countries have made tremendous strides in exploring space and learning more about the universe beyond our planet. However, as we push the boundaries of space exploration, it is becoming increasingly clear that it has a significant impact on the Earth’s resources. The Impact of Space Exploration on Earth’s Resources … Read more

Celebration of Earth Hour Day concerning environmental issues

A 60-minute annual event marks a step towards environmental awareness and state issues concerning the environment and its impact on people. Highlights When was the last time we genuinely thought of caring for the environment? Undoubtedly, campaigns and initiatives are a perpetual occurrence. Yet, the question lies in how we incorporate the message and apply it in our daily lives. … Read more

Super-Earth between Mars and Jupiter: A ticking time bomb for life on Earth?

The hypothetical existence of a “super-Earth” between Mars and Jupiter is a potential threat to life on Earth due to catastrophic consequences. Our solar system is a complex and delicate web of planets and celestial bodies that interact with each other in unique and intricate ways. But what if a hypothetical “super-Earth” were to suddenly appear between Mars and Jupiter? … Read more