Celebration of Earth Hour Day concerning environmental issues

A 60-minute annual event marks a step towards environmental awareness and state issues concerning the environment and its impact on people.


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  • Celebration of Earth Hour Day in different cities
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When was the last time we genuinely thought of caring for the environment? Undoubtedly, campaigns and initiatives are a perpetual occurrence. Yet, the question lies in how we incorporate the message and apply it in our daily lives. With the arrival of March, another significant event surely grabs all the eyeballs.

“Earth Hour” is an event characterized by the conservation of energy and shielding the environment. It takes place every year in the last week of March in the pursuit of contributing a significant time to our planet that defines one of our existences. This is done by switching off lights for about an hour and dedicating that time to doing something different that results in benefitting nature in specific and the earth in general.

The focus of celebrating Earth Day lies in switching off all electrical appliances that consume tonnes of watts of energy. It is further consequential in facilitating huge amounts of fossil fuels being burnt worldwide. In many parts of the world, electrical consumption is significantly wasted in huge amounts either knowingly or unknowingly. This leads to an unprecedented wastage of energy that is perpetually harming the environment.

The event first introduced by the WWF prompts cities, nations, and territories across the globe to join hands together for a significantly alarming cause, challenging climate change. Similar pictures were seen across nations and cities celebrating the same, wherein all lights were turned off for an hour as per the local time standards from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

This in turn gives the people celebrating the same to dedicate time to activities other than their mundane chores and be a contributor to something positive and vibrant, besides realizing their worth and potential.

Pan India events

The country too saw celebrations at large. From the metro cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, and Chennai as well as the national capital, the iconic places represented the significance of celebrating this event. Pedal for Planet, an event organized across 12 cities is an initiative towards celebrating Earth hour.

The entire ideology is based on mindfully practicing sustainability. The usage of cycles or e-bikes can contribute significantly to reducing the pollution levels that are adversely affecting cities of late. A comprehensive and holistic effort toward the same would surely bring about a 

metamorphosing difference. 

Through these events, the meaning and definition of sustainable practices invite a broader horizon. Just as the HSBC spokesperson was quoted saying, “Sustainability is not just a mindset, but a way of life”. To effectively make these events successful, we also need to ensure that these are practiced and observed transcending 60 minutes annually. 

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