PROJECT CHEETAH: Becoming Blunt?

It becomes apparent that approximately 15% of the animals failed to survive the initial stage of India’s ambitious Project Cheetah. The goal is to create a self-sustaining group of roughly 35 cheetahs within the following ten years by transporting a small number annually from Africa. As a result, it’s understood that numerous deaths may occur among the animals, taking into … Read more

Infosys and ZF sign a contract to modernize supply chain processes.

Planning (SAP IBP). Infosys has installed SAP IBP for demand planning and inventory optimization as a result of the engagement with ZF’s aftermarket segment. A leading provider of solutions for industrial technologies, commercial vehicles, and passenger automobiles, ZF enables the next evolution in mobility.ZF enables vehicles to see, think, and act. ZF offers complete product and software solutions for both … Read more