Infosys and ZF sign a contract to modernize supply chain processes.

Planning (SAP IBP). Infosys has installed SAP IBP for demand planning and inventory optimization as a result of the engagement with ZF’s aftermarket segment. A leading provider of solutions for industrial technologies, commercial vehicles, and passenger automobiles, ZF enables the next evolution in mobility.ZF enables vehicles to see, think, and act. ZF offers complete product and software solutions for both established vehicle manufacturers and recently emerging transport and mobility service providers in the four technological fields of Vehicle Motion Control, Integrated.

By transferring digital know-how, experience, and concepts from our innovation ecosystem, we provide them access to an AI-powered core, empower the company with agile digital at scale, and promote continuous development with always-learning. We have a strong commitment to becoming an organization with sound governance and environmental sustainability, where varied talent can flourish in a welcoming atmosphere.

On March 9, the German auto parts manufacturer and mobility expert ZF announced a partnership with Infosys, a provider of digital services and consultancy, to modernize its supply chain using Infosys Cobalt and SAP Integrated Business the leader in consulting and next-generation digital services is Infosys. To maximize human potential and create the next opportunity for people, businesses, and communities, more than 300,000 of our employees are employed.

With more than 40 years of expertise in overseeing the operations of multinational corporations, we professionally guide customers from more than 50 countries as they make their way through their cloud-enabled digital transformation Safety, Autonomous Driving, and Electric Mobility. Vehicles of many different types are electrified by ZF. The firm helps to improve safe mobility, protect the environment, and
reduce emissions using its products.

ZF, which employs over 157,500 people globally, posted the fiscal year 2021 revenues of
€38.3 billion. The business has 188 production facilities spread over 31 nations.
For the purpose of demand planning and inventory optimization, Infosys integrated SAP IBP
in accordance with the conditions of its engagement with ZF’s aftermarket business. In a
release, the business stated that Infosys was chosen to help ZF with its transformation
because of its knowledge of SAP IBP deployment and the numerous internal tools and
accelerators it possesses.

The statement said, “As part of this endeavor, Infosys used its hybrid-agile implementation
approach to replace many old demand planning systems at the ZF Aftermarket with a
unified, global SAP platform.”
Infosys has assisted in facilitating complicated operations planning with full automation of
safety stock by providing a two-way flow of business-critical data between the new platform
and the external systems.

According to Infosys, the implementation has contributed to the supply chain for ZF
Aftermarket by enabling enhanced demand forecasting, collaborative planning, increased
responsiveness and efficiency, transparency, and interactive user experience.
According to Rainer Scheuring, Vice President of IT AC Market, and Materials Management
at ZF Friedrichshafen AG, “We built the foundation for improved availabilities and decreased
inventories within our multi-echelon supply chain based on the holistic IBP planning
approach and the guidance of our implementation partner Infosys.”

In an era of growing macroeconomic and geopolitical complexity, Jasmeet Singh, Executive
Vice President and Global Head of Manufacturing at Infosys, stated: “The ability to estimate
demand and optimizing inventory is a crucial competitive advantage. By utilizing Infosys
Cobalt, we are happy to have worked with ZF to improve their supply chain’s resiliency and

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