Why is Hindenburg’s report on the Adani group so important?

On January 24th, 2023, an American research company, Hindenburg published a report on Gautam Adani and The Adani group titled “Adani group: How the world’s 3rd richest man is pulling the largest con in corporate history”. They put up some serious allegations against Gautam Adani and the Adani group stating they have been included in stock market manipulation, money laundering, … Read more

Adani group’s stock price can crash by 85%

An American research company published a report on Adani group which makes Adani group’s share price fall by 20% and Gautam Adani come down to 7th position from 3rd position in the list of the richest person on the earth. Many market experts are saying that the share price can fall by 85% in the coming days. The American research … Read more

Adani mulls independent review after short-seller’s criticism

India’s Adani Group is considering independent evaluation of issues relating to legal compliance, related party transactions and internal controls following a U.S. short-seller’s critical report on its businesses, disclosures showed on 7th February. The group, led by billionaire Gautam Adani, has been roiled by days of market turmoil after Hindenburg Research on Jan. 24 alleged it had engaged in stock … Read more

The rationale behind Hindenburg Research’s decision to short solely Adani stocks recorded outside of India

According to Bloomberg, a trader who sold $1 million worth of Adani Enterprises stakes at the market’s opening on February 1 and then purchased them again at the close of the day after the record drop would have made nearly $280,000, excluding commissions and transaction expenses. The constraints of the practice in the country and the uniqueness of the company … Read more

How have ADANI groups declined?

Hindenburg accuses ADANI groups of sharing. On January 20, 2023, the American company HINDENBURG released a report saying that the ADANI Group shares are not worth buying and are not good for investment. He is a perfect con who cheats on the people of his own country. The companies that are invested in the ADANI Group are all fake and … Read more

Hindenburg’s allegations against Adani bring trust issues into the minds of Indian investors

Are the Hindenburg allegations a scam? On 23rd January 2023, Hindenburg came out with a report titled, how the Adani Group the world’s third richest man is pulling the largest con in corporate history. The report that was put forward, came after a series of investigations in primary and secondary levels along with the help of certain articles and based on researches to ensure that it is legitimate.

Adani-Hindenburg Row: Is public money safe in LIC and SBI?

Post Hindenburg Research report, Gautam Adani, the Indian billionaire industrialist withdraw Adani Enterprises FPO after a huge sell off in share price of Adani Enterprises. An initial decline in the share prices of companies associated with Adani group sparked fear in those who have an SBI account and LIC. Photo Source: Business Today Adani-Hindenburg Row: Adani Enterprises shares and Adani … Read more

Dow Jones decides to exclude Adani Enterprises from its sustainability indices

The Nifty50 stock Adani Enterprises has been removed from the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices as a result of allegations of fraud made against the Adani Group in the Hindenburg report. This has caused anxiety among investors. “Adani Enterprises will be removed from the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices following a media and stakeholder analysis following allegations of accounting fraud,” Dow Jones … Read more

How did  Hindenburg rise with Adani’s fall?

Hindenburg, the organization which published the report accusing Adani Group of manipulating stocks earned a huge profit after Adani’s shares began to tumble. This is not the first time that the organization has earned money out of falling stocks, the entire business model of Hindenburg revolves around a process that is called “Short Selling.” What is short selling?  Short selling … Read more

Adani-Hindenburg Row: Adani Group Hires US Law Firm Wachtell

In its fight against Hindenburg’s allegations of corruption, money laundering and taxpayer theft, Gautam Adani led Adani Group has hired activism defense law firm Wachtell, Lipton, Katz and Rosen. Over the past few weeks, companies associated with Adani Group suffered an initial decline in the share prices, following Hindenburg’s report which alleged fraud and stock manipulation by Adani. In its … Read more