How have ADANI groups declined?

How have ADANI groups declined?
Hindenburg accuses ADANI groups of sharing.
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Hindenburg accuses ADANI groups of sharing.

On January 20, 2023, the American company HINDENBURG released a report saying that the ADANI Group shares are not worth buying and are not good for investment. He is a perfect con who cheats on the people of his own country. The companies that are invested in the ADANI Group are all fake and lose money to companies that are managed by his brother.

This fraud will be done with his younger brother, Rajesh Adani. He was accused by the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) of playing a vital role in a diamond trading import/export scheme around 2004 and 2005.

That report says “ADANI’s growth is not a growth; it is an inflammation.”

Before the report gets published:

Before the report gets published:
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ADANI’s net worth hits INR 19.66 trillion in December 2022.

On December 20, 2022, ADANI shares will reach their peak level on their net worth of around Rs 19.66 trillion. This is the last case before the Hindenburg report gets published. They’ll say the total debts owed by the ADANI group are RS 3.39 trillion, which equals 1% of the Indian economy.

How have ADANI groups declined?

ADANI Enterprises Ltd on 23-FEB-2023.

After the report gets published, the shares of Adani Group will continue to decline. The report says that the group has huge debts. Adani cheats on the people and his shareholders.

But SEBI and RBI will not react in this case. Why will the SEBI and RBI not take action? The reason is that both came under the Union government. In the ADANI group, key persons 8 of 22 are his family members. His brother owned above 30 companies that are present abroad mostly and invested in the Adani Group

 This is a global-level issue. But in India, the visual and printing media are not broadcast to the people. Only the internet and some other visual media can broadcast this openly and discuss this matter.

Why are the visual media not broadcasting this matter properly?

Why are the visual media not broadcasting this matter properly?
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The media will not broadcast this news honestly.

 The main reason for covering up this matter is that ADANI is a close friend of our Indian PM (Narendra Modi) and other powerful people in the society. If any media can raise a question against this or telecast it, this means the con will take revenge against them using the Union government.

This is what happened in the case of the BBC documentary. Our Indian government is on the side of Adani, who is the biggest con, as said by Hindenburg. That’s why the media will not oppose this fraud. Only the internet media will approach it correctly.

During the period of Narendra Modi, the Gujarati people have suddenly become richer, not only at the national level but also at the global level.

The government favours laws and schemes only for corporations and those who are favourable to them.

The laws can be bent only for rich guys, not for poor guys.


People are getting cheated by the government. Corruption will rule the country, but some good hearts are also there who did their work correctly without corruption. People need to know the real reason for the incidents that can happen regularly in our society. Give voice to the injustice.


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