TATA Motors gets orders from Uber in India. This is mainly for zero carbon emissions in India. They supplied 25,000 EVs to Uber.

TATA supplies 25,000 EVs to Uber
source: The Hindu


The model XPRES-T EV vehicle is supplied by TATA Motors to Uber.

This is the latest version of the TATA motors used in India’s motor industry. This is for a zero carbon emissions purpose, but behind this, there are huge politics.

The high speed is around 80 kmph, and it can take 1.5 hours to attain 0% to 80% of the charge.

Before the corporate culture: 

TATA supplies 25,000 EVs to Uber
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Before 20 to 30 years, there were public transportation systems of government buses, private buses, and railways that were mostly used by the people. In the villages, most bicycles are used, some of them having both bikes and cars. Urban areas have bikes and cars in some areas. Totally, 80% of the population uses public transportation, railroads, and bicycles.

If anyone needs a car for personal use, he can’t use the public transportation system with his comport. So rental cars, like taxis, are spread throughout the country. Taxi drivers are having own (or) loan vehicles for his / her work. Ola and Uber are not in the 1990s.

Present corporate culture:

source: IESE BusinessSchool

Present day, there are a large number of corporate companies in a country. The government gives them superiority, which is why normal citizens get affected by corporate traps. Nowadays, people are working to buy luxury items, not essentials like food, etc.

Corporations increase the value of their products to reach people and let them buy their products. 

A brand-new shoe costs 4,000 rupees, and 1 kg of rice is around 80 rupees in Indian currency. But nowadays, rice shops are somewhat shrinking day by day, while luxurious shops are getting busier day by day. People are brainwashed by corporations.

Some years ago, a toothpaste brand sold its products by showing ads like “We are providing well-good toothpaste to keep your teeth away from the germs and make your teeth pretty shiny,” and people were buying that toothpaste. At that time of day, our people are using salt and ash powder for their morning teeth cleaning. Before a few years, they will show ads like

“Are you having salt in your toothpaste?”

This is kind of mad like a person buying it also. Some of the human castles are the main reason for the corruption.

The government may not be concerned about this; not all government employees may be. Some of them may be doing this because they’ll get secret money, which means some credits, for approving their products to reach people. Government employees mean PM, CM, DM, and also other government salary people.

Most people are brainwashed by corporates, which makes them buy their products and get profits from them.

Corporate only helps the corporate, not the citizens“.

Effects of this EV supply:

Approving corporate (or private) transport like Uber, it may lead to a loss of employment around the country. TATA Motors supplies vehicles to Uber. This is good news for corporates only, not for normal people. Because corporates help only corporates

It may lead to unemployment among taxi drivers. Taxi drivers are not millionaires or billionaires. They are normal citizens who paid taxes and got daily wages depending on their work. He can’t give a free ticket because of his work, but the corporation can.

 Giving offers and pulling the customer towards them will increase unemployment around the country. This is not profitable for normal people. This is only good news for that corporate company that buys cars. The government has the ability to stop corporate dominance, but they can’t do it because our rulers have a friendly relationship with corporate owners like Ambani, Adani, etc.

Helping corporate may lead to poverty around the country. Money is a medium, not a way of life.

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