The Dark Side of the K-pop Industry! 

South Korean pop culture is flourishing around the world today, in just a small period K-pop stars have become much popular among the youth. People admire these stars very much and try to resemble them. Their dress-up, hairstyle, and whole lifestyle are followed by the youngsters. 

The young generation today wants to live the life of a K-pop star because it is only exposed to the vibrant attractiveness possessed by these stars. They love this industry for its self-proclaimed luxury and the extravagant fame that it holds. But if the youth come across the harsh reality of K-pop, their spine will just tremble and they will never even opt to see any element of this industry. They will not be able to bear the fact that the industry about which they always dreamt will be a nightmare in reality. 

What are the tragic aspects of this industry?

The K-pop industry is accused of sexually harassing its artists, using forced labor, mistreatment of minors and even sexualizing them. The industry is mostly blamed for its orthodox racism. 

One can rarely find any dark-skinned artist in the industry as the music companies give priority to the extreme “prettiness” of a person. 

The discrimination against beauty doesn’t even stop here, it continues even after any artist has signed a contract with the company. These companies promote a very unhealthy diet plan for their artists so that they remain slim and attractive. 

The weird contracts also allow the company to impose indefinite time clauses on their artists. Many artists have complained that they start their dance practice at 4 am and end their practice late at night. 

The companies also impose strict codes of ethics on their artists, from their dress code and public appearance to their social media profiles all are controlled by these music companies only, making the life of K-pop artists very toxic.  

This toxicity has taken the lives of many, if not then has ruined them. Many K-pop artists have committed suicide citing these allegations, those who were lucky left the industry for their well future. 


The youth should be made aware of 

the reality of all the things that are in trend, they should be encouraged not to follow anything blindly and one must remember that “all that glitters is not gold.”

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