A data scientist’s job is to collect this data from multiple sources, clean it up, transform it, and then get it ready to be used. Then, they can utilize their talents in machine learning and statistics to derive business insights from the data.

The majority of data scientists on Kaggle are from India
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Data Scientist has become the most desired job in this century with huge demand, millions of opportunities and high salaries. Data Scientist was not a role that existed ten years ago, but it is now the most sought-after position in the century due to its high demand, abundance of opportunities, and high wages. This is a result of the massive production of business data, which has the potential to yield a wealth of insightful business information..

According to a reputable international survey, data scientists and machine learning engineers in India earn around one-tenth as much as their counterparts in the United States. In a report that surveyed the data science and machine learning industry, Kaggle, the largest global online community of data scientists, statisticians, and machine learning engineers, published its The State of Data Science & Machine Learning annual survey earlier this week. The survey drew insights from 16,000 respondents. in a report that polled the data science and machine learning industry.

Data science and programming learning 

The most popular site to learn data science is reportedly online, followed by video platforms like YouTube. Python is the preferred language for machine learning, according to Kaggle respondents. According to the statistics, 88% of users favor it. Python is followed in the programming hierarchy by SQL. The respondents’ preferred integrated development environment was Jupiter notebook (IDE). The graph indicates that the Jupyter notebook follows VSCode.

Matplotlib and Seaborn are at the forefront of visualizations for machine learning frameworks. The preferred ML framework is Scikit-learn, followed by TensorFlow. The preferred ML algorithm is still linear or logistic.

In India, one in five data scientists are unemployed.

In the Kaggle study, 2,700 respondents from India, 21.4% said they are unemployed but looking for a job. Here are some of the nations that report lower numbers: Israel (6.6%), France (9.6%), Canada (12.3%), and the United States (11.6%). (2.9). What does this number mean in terms of the demand for data scientists in India, and how is it explained?

“I have a strong sense that there aren’t enough opportunities. Many of us accept opportunities just for the sake of learning, rather than for the money, says Simrat Hanspal, a data scientist at Mad Street Den, a computer vision firm with offices in Chennai. Many of her friends had to complete an internship to gain experience,before companies were willing to hire them.

Market Outlook

According to the poll, 20% of participants indicated using machine learning in their businesses for longer than two years. Understanding the data in order to decide on products and business strategies is the most typical data obligation. The most popular model serving tool is MLFlow.

SageMaker is the preferred machine learning service, according to the poll. The analysis shows that DataBricks comes next. It is important to note that MLFlow is second most frequently used for experiment tracking after TensorBoard.

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