Tornado-hit Mississippi, death toll rises to 26 

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The US state of Mississippi was devastated by a powerful tornado.  The Friday (March 24) night tornado death toll in Mississippi and neighboring Alabama has so far reached 26.  In this situation, the government of the state declared a state of emergency in Mississippi.  Search and rescue operations are continuing in the tornado-hit areas. 

State Governor Tate Reeves visited tornado-hit Silver City and Winona, Mississippi on Saturday (March 25).  US President Joe Biden has said that he will help those affected by the disaster.  Expressing grief, he said, “The government will try its best to help the tornado-hit areas.” 

The plight of the western town of Rolling Fork, Mississippi.  The streets of the city are littered with wrecked cars, bricks and glass.  In just 24 hours, most of the houses in the area were reduced to rubble.  Various objects including children’s toys can be seen in the rubble, which bears evidence of the existence of life there even a few hours ago. 

The tornado struck in the middle of the night and the residents of the area were subjected to violence before they realized anything in their sleep.  They were suddenly disoriented. 

Francisco McKnight, a resident of the area, described his survival as a miracle.  He said he had never heard such a loud sound of wind before, and never wanted to hear it again in the future.  Her entire house was reduced to rubble in the tornado except for two walls in the bathroom. 

The powerful tornado wreaked such devastation in just five to 10 minutes, he said. 

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