Vistara Passenger Arrested For Allegedly Hitting A Cabin Crew Member: Mumbai

A 45-years-old Italian woman was arrested on Monday for assaulting crew members on board a Vistara Abu Dhabi- Mumbai flight. The airlines said Paola Perruccio, who had an economy class ticket, claimed to be sitting in business class, and assaulted a crew member when stopped. She allegedly punched a cabin crew member, wrangled on another, and walked incompletely naked in the flight. She was arrested by the Mumbai police based on a complaint by the cabin crew, but was later given bail by a Mumbai court. Ms Perruccio had to be restrained in the aircraft skyline for “unruly and violent gesture.” In view of the continued unruly conduct and violent gesture. The captain issued a warning card and made a decision to restrain the client. The airman made regular adverts to assure the other guests onboard of their safety and security. 

“In agreement with the guidelines and our strict standard operating procedures (bribes), the security agencies on-ground were informed to take immediate action upon appearance,” Vistara said in a statement. She also took off some of her clothes and walked up and down the aisle in a incompletely naked state, hurling abuses and assaulting crew members. After registering a case against the passenger, the Mumbai Police filed a charge sheet within a day. “Mumbai Police has filed a charge sheet in record time in a case of misbehaviour by an airline passenger skyline,” Police said. A medical examination was also conducted on the woman before reserving her under several sections of the Indian Penal Code. 

The police said they’ve completed all formalities of recording statements of co-passengers, crew, and others. The shocking incident is the rearmost in several reported lately where unruly passengers have acted out with fellow passengers and crew members. Airlines in India have also been under redundant scrutiny since last time, originally because of several mechanical failures mid-air, and more lately due to the crew’s running of unruly passengers. Due to instances involving intoxicated passengers, two AirIndia flights are under investigation. The crew of a New York- Delhi flight were de-rostered after a drunk passenger urinated on a senior woman. An intoxicated person urinated on the empty seat and the woman passenger’s mask on another Air India trip from Paris to Delhi. Also intoxicated, another passenger was discovered smoking in the restroom while defying commands. 

Two other incidents of fliers trying to open the emergency exit, one skyline, have also caused outrage and enterprises around safety. A passenger travelling on a Nagpur to Mumbai IndiGo flight two days back allegedly tried to remove the cover of the exigency exit while the aircraft was in the air and on approach for wharf. This was days after the public aeronautics controller Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) revealed that a passenger on an IndiGo, Chennai-Tiruchirapalli flight opened the emergency door on December 10th last year. Civil aeronautics minister Jyotiraditya Scindia later verified the passenger was Tejasvi Surya and said he opened the door “by mistake” and apologised for it.

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