Wasting water and its impact on environment

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Water is very essential in our day to day life. In current day life we do waste water unnecessarily, like long showers, loading washing machines too much, leaving a tap while brushing. Next to air, water is one of the important elements for all living creatures in the world.

Impact and sources of water pollution:

Water pollution is caused due to untreated and wasted water. Otherwise the livelihood is based on the water resources like rivers and lakes. Due to the pollution the resources itself becomes poison.

River ganga is one of the pure and fresh water in the city of rishikesh. No body can guess that river ganga is the most polluted water with fecal bacteria. The foundation which maintains river ganga is struggling to restore its glory.

River yamuna is polluted with untreated domestic waste and industrial chemicals.

River Brahmaputra struggles with emissions, wastes, oil and chemicals.

River Damodar struggles to restore its pureness due to coal and mining industries.

River Bagmati is struggling with foul smelling and industries in its banks.

The main reason for water pollution is fertilizers, bacteria, viruses, nitrates, pesticides, phosphate, medical waste, plastics, household wastes and even radioactive waste.

But one of the most regular and common reasons for water pollution is human activities such as global warming, deforestation, agriculture, livestock farming, industries, water dumping, marine traffic, fuel leakages.

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How to preserve water?

Preservation of water starts with every one of us,likely checking the leaks in the pipelines and toilets.

Stop using the toilet as an ashtray and waste basket.

Try to take short showers and take a tub bath if possible.

Turn off water in unnecessary time.

Grow trees and plants ,so that they can absorb all the wasted water.

Monitor your waste consumption.

Reduce carbon dioxide and gas emissions which leads to global warming.

Avoid single use of plastic ,so that it can avoid floating on the water.

Encourage sustainable fishing,so that fishes can help in reducing harmful bacteria .


    Source: national institution of environmental 


Polluted water cannot be drunk because it causes cholera, diarrhea, typhoid dysentery and poliomyelitis and kills human beings.

Out of 70 percent available water, only 2.5 percent is only drinking water.

Reducing the usage of chemicals and pesticides and by safely treating the wasted water, hence that not being polluted and it can be reused.

One thing that is kept in our mind is every drop of wasted water is irreparable, hence preventing water is very important.

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