What is ChatGPT4? And what distinguishes it from its forerunner?

ChatGPT-4 stands for “generative pre-trained transformer 4,” and the Chat part is self-explanatory since it is an interactive computer interface.

This indicates that the OpenAI software is currently in its fourth iteration and has gone through extensive data analysis to learn how to produce text that sounds human and provides users with in-depth answers to queries.

Drawbacks of ChatGPT4

Anyone who has looked into ChatGPT is aware of its shortcomings. It has drawn criticism for providing incorrect information, displaying prejudice, and acting improperly by getting around its own built-in limitations and providing responses that are not permitted.

What is chatGPT4? And what distinguishes it from its forerunner?
Source: TechCrunch

The claim has been made that the quality of the bot depends entirely on the data it was taught on. OpenAI claims that over the last six months, it has worked to make the new program safer. It asserts ChatGPT-4 is “40% more likely” to generate factual responses than ChatGPT-3.5 and is more accurate, creative, and collaborative.

One of ChatGPT-4’s most impressive new features is its ability to manage both words and images, or “multimodal” technology. Users will be able to upload both text and a picture, which ChatGPT-4 will be able to process and debate. Eventually, video transmission will also be possible

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