What is Education Galaxy and how to use it?

In today’s digitalized world everything is transformed into a digital medium, and so does education. There are various applications like – Byjus, Course era, academy etc. Education Galaxy is also one of the digital learning platforms which aim to help students prepare for examinations

About Education Galaxy

Education Galaxy is a platform which is available online that helps students learn, not only with notes but with the help of games and different exercise that helps the students engage with it excitingly. Since this is an online platform, it can be used on different devices, which makes a great way to provide education for all educational institutes.

This tool is made to strengthen the learning of K-8 students ( affordable online school for the students of class nursery -8), however, there is also the facility of Liftoff Adaptive Intervention, a type of tool that helps struggling students learn. This can find a student’s level, through the different type of assessment, and helps them to work toward a progress goal.

Coming back to education galaxy, which also works as an assessment tool using different answers and questions to make students prepare for exams. This tier 1 program helps to meet the standards of the situation one is in by offering various courses. This platform consists of all courses like Maths and Science to language arts and covers almost all major bases.

The use of a game-based reward system made students more engaged to their studies and also helps in raising their grades by making them engaged in learning. After a student solves a certain problem he/ she gets immediate feedback on their answers so that they can correct their mistakes.

How does this application work?

Not only students but teachers can also sign in for the education galaxy app for free and start using it immediately. One can find thousands of questions that is available to answer online and also get the option to print them out but the online version is more beneficial.

Since everything is done online, teachers can pick a set of questions by searching for different class or they can also access to notes by searching for a particular subject. They can distribute it to students who can then go through the multiple-choice questions.

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