Why is Pakistan’s insolvency bad news for India?     

The ongoing economic crisis in Pakistan is getting worse day by day, and the foreign exchange reserves are getting depleted. The situation is so awful that people there are even struggling for basic needs such as food, electricity, fuel, etc. The administration is bumbling with internal politics and the cost of human life is reduced to ashes after a series of terror attacks from TTP. All the poor scenarios have brought Pakistan’s future in the blink of a collapse. 

Bane for India! 

As bankruptcy is around the corner for Pakistan, most Indians are happy with it. It is a common human tendency to enjoy seeing our rivals in trouble. But this is a one-sided story, the other aspect of it is that we too can be in danger if Pakistan’s economy tumbles. 

Firstly, there can be a problem of a rise in terror activities. The more Pak will suffer financially, the more people there would lose jobs and turn towards orthodoxy. They will become more prone to get brainwashed and join terror organizations. As we all know, these terrorists will pose a threat to our nation’s security. It will also add a lot of hurdles for our defense forces. 

Secondly, we could also be hit by a refugee crisis. We have already seen it in 1971 when unrest in East Pakistan(Bangladesh) resulted in the infiltration of many refugees into India. Another refugee problem would sum up the unnecessary burden on the Indian government. 

Thirdly, the weakening of Pakistan’s administration will lead to China getting more control of Pakistani lands and ports, which will become a massive tension for India. 

Fourthly, if Pakistan will have no money to buy things from other countries, India’s exports to Pak will decrease, which will lower our economy. 


The loss of our neighboring country will prove positive for us only if we would be prepared for the future consequences. We must be ready to counter future terror forces. 

Our economists should also learn from the situation of Pak and should make proper plans to prevent any such crisis like this in the future. 

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