The same media, who were asking questions of the whole Bollywood in Aryan Khan’s case, which was for the possession of just a few grams of drugs. This same media was behind the whole Bollywood in the Sushant Singh Rajput case questioning them constantly, asking for the CBI enquiry, and saying it was murder even after the postmortem report said it was suicide. This same media is not asking questions in the Gautam Adani case, neither to the Adani group, nor to the government, nor asking for any inquiry. Some media persons are even seen supporting Gautam Adani and the Adani group. They say the Hindenburg report is an attack against India by foreign powers. 

A few days ago, Hindenburg gives a statement saying the Adani group is hiding behind nationalism and looting India, while replying to the Adani group’s 400+ document in which they said that this report is an attack against India. Hindenburg has challenged the Adani group to file a case against them if they think the report is wrong and defamatory. But until then the Adani group didn’t give any confirmation if they are filing a case against them.

Doesn’t it look fishy? But the media didn’t see anything fishy in it, they didn’t even bother to ask a question about the Adani group. The Adani group who are taking down the whole country’s economy with them, whose share starts to start to crash down and hit the lower circuit every other day, just after a report against them. The report is baseless according to the Adani group. If the report is baseless, then why are investors believing in it? Why is Gautam Adani’s net worth falling at a very high rate?

This report can be proved wrong which didn’t seem like a possibility, but let’s just assume it can. Still, this case raises so many questions. How can allegations against an industrialist put the whole country’s economy in a vulnerable situation? Is India’s economy dependent on just one person? If the fall of Gautam Adani can lead to a financial crisis, then this question becomes very important “who let this monopoly happen?” Whoever they are, didn’t they know how vulnerable a country’s economy becomes in case of monopoly? What is the solution to it? There is no doubt in it that competition in the Indian market has been going down constantly for the last few years and the government should do something about it. Because there are many articles about what will happen if Hindenberg proved to be right, this will be proved to be the biggest scam of independent India and will take down the country’s economy with themselves. If the media will not hold the government responsible then who is going to do that, how is this monopoly going to stop? Media nowadays is the least trustworthy in the 75 years of independence. They should also do something to restore credibility, instead of just working for TRP.

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