Why should Indians be proud of IITians?

Why should Indians be proud of IITians?

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To understand IITs role in the development of India, one has to know about IITs or IITians. IIT JEE is supposed to be the toughest engineering entrance exam in the world beating even MIT or Stanford.

Now experts have changed it toughest exam in the world at the tender age of 17. So the world observes IITians and India expects many things from them.

More than a decade before IIT professors went on strike for higher pay. JEE was over and the professors were not ready to correct it.

The government tried to rope in NIT professors to correct the entrance exam papers but they could not do it citing that the papers were too technical/tough for them! So imagine the standard maintained by IITs.

Students of IITs are at the forefront of the Digital revolution, industries, education, entrepreneurship etc. It has come up to its reputation as seen during the pandemic. IIT Delhi developed antigen test kits, super effective face masks, fabrics which were antimicrobial etc.

The IIT Delhi became a role model in the world and showed that science and technology also have a place in health care and that the two need to co-exist.

Moreover, IITians who have migrated to foreign countries Like the USA have achieved huge success. They have become CEO/MDs of great companies/conglomerates.

It is said that they have access to the President of the USA and the NRIs to keep the best interests of India alive while in politics or otherwise.

Moreover, the tuition fees charged are much less when compared to other private colleges and Ivy League colleges. One need not succeed in IIT JEE to be brilliant but IITians are brilliant most of the time.

On a personal note, I got IIT-JEE AIR 2073. I went to IIT Chennai for counselling but could not procure the branch of my choice so joined NIT. And my family/relatives/friends are proud of me. In my locality, no one knows my college’s name but everyone associates me with IIT just because of my rank.

Once, I with my 2 friends went to see a film shooting in our area. Actor late Rhaguvaran was sitting in a car during the break. We three went there and my friends introduced me as IITian. Raghuvaran climbed out of the car and shook hands with me!!! So everybody should be proud of IITs.

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