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Will Artificial Intelligence lead to job replacements? 

Will Artificial Intelligence lead to job replacements? 

Artificial Intelligence is talked about a lot these days to eliminate millions of jobs and also create millions of new ones as well. 

What is Artificial intelligence? 

AI is a blanket term for all the tasks that were performed by humans and are now basically mimicked by machines. The name “artificial intelligence” was given because now the system possesses all the knowledge of basic human tasks such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, translation between languages, etc. 

Why is AI a debatable topic?

There are always two sides to a coin where some people are debating AI for replacing humans in work completely. There are also theories about how AI will provide equal jobs as well. 

According to some statistics on the internet, since 2000, robots and automation systems have slowly phased out many manufacturing jobs — 1.7 million of them. On the flip side, it’s predicted that AI will create 97 million new jobs by 2025. 

What job will be affected by Artificial Intelligence? 


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Many industries are going to be disrupted by Artificial Intelligence ranging from industrial sectors to healthcare, agriculture, transportation, logistics, and so on. 

AI might completely take over the manual staff and workers making drastic changes in the industry and employees. 

But there’s more to it. 

What areas will benefit from Artificial Intelligence? 

Artificial Intelligence might be a sour topic for many to accept. But many industries are going to upscale from AI such as pharmaceutical research, finance, marketing, retail, etc. Basically, any task that can be learned. As it will help with zero human errors, 24×7 assistance with a better workload capacity, digital assistance with unbiased decision-making, new inventions, and many more may be yet to be discovered advantages that AI brings with us giving better results. 

There will always be jobs that Artificial Intelligence can never replace

One can take comfort in the fact that AI can never take over creative fields and empathetic jobs as well as complex political and strategic jobs and there would be some industries that will continue to rely on humans. Some such jobs are lawyers, writers, teachers, therapists, social workers, medical professionals, management professionals, etc. 

The gist to be picked

One might see Artificial Intelligence as their friend or foe. Some people think of it as a threat to a large number of forces, which is one-sided thinking towards a much larger advantage to humans. We just need to upscale our skills to adapt technology to run parallel to the growth of the human race and invention together. We can start by upscaling our skills with the technology coming to take over us. The debate would still go on, one must prepare themselves for what’s coming.

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