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9 Palestinians killed by IDF

9 Palestinians killed by IDF

Israeli forces on Thursday killed at least nine Palestinians, including a 60-year-old woman, and injured several others in a raid in the occupied West Bank hotspot, according to Palestinian health officials. 

The violence came during a violent operation by Palestinian health officials at the Jenin refugee camp, a stronghold of militants in the West Bank and the focus of Israeli raids for nearly a year.

The Israeli military said its forces were active in the area, but did not immediately provide details. Israeli media reported that troops opened fire during the raid. One of the dead was identified as a militant. Palestinian Health Minister May Al-Khaila said ambulance workers were having trouble reaching the wounded during the fighting. She also accused the military of firing tear gas into the hospital’s children’s ward, choking children.The military did not immediately comment.

The IDF said that upon approaching a residence where three terrorists were known to be hiding, two of them armed themselves and fled the residence and were killed by IDF forces.

A third wanted terrorist quickly surrendered for arrest, and a fourth armed Palestinian, who attempted to attack Israeli security forces there, was also killed.

An IDF explosives expert entered the residence and safely detonated two of his bombs carried by the terrorists.

The IDF said three of his wanted terrorists had taken part in multiple attacks and were planning more large-scale attacks.

Tensions between Israel and Palestine have increased since Israel launched a crackdown last spring after a series of Palestinian attacks killed 19 of her people.

Nearly 150 Palestinians were killed last year, according to Israeli rights group B’Tselem, making 2022 the worst death toll since 2004. Israel says the raids are designed to dismantle militant networks and deter future attacks. The Palestinian says he is committed to an indefinite occupation of the land Israel wants for its future state for 55 years.

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