A bill for online gambling was returned by R.N. Ravi


The bill that was intended to outlaw online gambling was returned on Wednesday by Tamilnadu Governor R.N. Ravi. The “Tamil Nadu ban of online gambling and restrictions of online gaming bill” was passed by the Tamil Nadu government, which was run by CM M.K. Stalin. On October 19, the Assembly approved the measure. The bill removed the claim that online gambling contributes to suicides and other severe problems in the state. So, the bill would make clear why online gambling is prohibited in Tamil Nadu.

Reason for the return:

The reason for the return was given by the senior official, who said that the state legislators have “no legislative competence.”

Option available for the governor:

The Assembly will begin its sessions on March 20. The governor has two options here: either return the bill to the Assembly for revision. The bill to repeal Mr. Ravi’s October 1 ordinance was approved by the House.

Online gambling/game:

Online gambling is spreading like a virus around the world. Particularly in India there we have a lot of online game contains paid gamers on continue manner.  Online games make people addicted and mentally unstable. People play games/ gambling through online for money making (or) time passing.  But they don’t know it will kill them like a slow poison.

Because the younger generation is equally prone to developing a gaming addiction, investing time in gaming is a simple affair. When a person plays a certain game on a video game console, it makes them feel happy and detached from the actual world. There are 20 to 30 suicides or fatal shootings that occur there every month as a result of internet gambling or gaming..

Some addictive games make people addicted to those games and related to those games. It will not allow a person to think apart from the gaming after the addiction.

Mostly used platforms:

India is the most populous nation in the world with 140.7 crore people. 65 percent of them are younger than 35. This indicates that India has a sizable younger generation. So, the likelihood of explosive expansion in any industry is greater than it is in any other nation. This is the main justification for foreign nations like China, North Korea, the United States, etc. targeting India.

They are aware that India is a developing nation with a sizable generation and global ties. They will therefore attempt to subdue the youth and establish the sovereignty of their nations. As a result, social media sites like Tik Tok and other foreign-based platforms are used to propagate online games, loan applications, gambling, and poor addicting movies.

Number of addicted people:

Games like Battleground,  Free Fire, Clash of Clans, GTA, and Call of Duty are deeply addictive.

According to a 2021 study, “Free Fire,” owned by Garena, has 150 million daily active users, according to a percentage of the aforementioned game users. In 2023, there will be 10 million active users of GTA on average. “Battleground,” which has 30 million players online every day.

The gamers play games for awards, gifts, coins, and other benefits whether or not they use money. The gaming corporation could make a billion dollars off of this influx of customers, but it could also force them to hire staff from other businesses or have them to work excessive hours just to pay for their food and lodging.

Author opinion:

Playing video games frequently increases the risk of losing oneself and developing mental instability. This is the outcome of my extensive investigation into this topic, not just one person’s viewpoint.

Maintain your physical and mental wellbeing. Don’t behave like an addict in any way or circumstance. 

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